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Minotaur is a well-rounded tank/support hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, possessing crowd control and healing abilities.

Despair Stomp allows him to knock up and slow down enemies in a target location, and Motivation Roar enables him to heal himself and nearby allies.

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His passive skill, Rage Incarnate, has two effects. Firstly, it reduces the defense of opponents when he applies a control effect on them. Secondly, it increases the defense of his teammates when he heals them.

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His ultimate, Minoan Fury, heavily slows and knocks enemies airborne in a huge area, while being immune to control effects during cast animation. Minoan Fury also allows him to enter Enraged State, which enhances all his abilities.

If you’re looking for heroes that effectively deal with Minotaur, consider picking from this list.

Three strong heroes to counter Minotaur in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


Baxia is an excellent choice for countering Minotaur because of his passive ability, Baxia Mark, which significantly reduces the healing effects of enemies while simultaneously boosting his own defense.

When you go on the offense as Baxia, use Baxia-Shield Unity to narrow the gap between you and Minotaur.

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Next, activate Tortoise’s Puissance to slow him down and continuously apply Baxia Mark on him, enabling your teammates to take him down.

Buy Dominance Ice to further weaken his healing. Tailor your defensive item choices based on the composition of the opposing team, allowing you to absorb damage from enemies, and let your allies focus on dealing damage.


Karrie‘s passive, Lightwheel Mark, grants her the ability to inflict true damage that bypasses damage reduction effects. This makes her a formidable threat against tanky heroes, including Minotaur.

If he approaches you, use Spinning Lightwheel to slow him down. Cast Speedy Lightwheel to gain extra movement speed, and enhance your basic attack.

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To maintain a safe distance while dealing damage, use Phantom Step. Additionally, equip Purify as your battle spell to nullify his crowd-control skills.

In this matchup, it’s crucial that you obtain Karrie’s core items — Corrosion Scythe, Demon Hunter Sword, and Golden Staff. These items, collectively known as the Trinity Build, significantly boost your attack speed, allowing you to frequently trigger Lightwheel Mark.


Using his ultimate, Time Journey, Diggie can instantly remove all debuffs on himself and his allies, while providing a substantial shield to the entire team. That’s why he is one of the best counters to Minotaur.

When he triggers Minoan Fury, activate Time Journey to protect your allies. Follow up with Reverse Time to prevent his escape, and use Auto Alarm Bomb to inflict damage.

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To fully optimize the potential of Time Journey, consider investing in Fleeting Time to reduce its cooldown. Additionally, acquiring Necklace of Durance will reduce his healing capabilities.

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