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The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Indonesia (MPL ID Season 13) marks the return of the professional MLBB league in 2024.

Nine teams fight for the US$336,500 prize pool and a spot at the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Mid-Season Cup 2024 (MSC 2024).

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Notable roster changes this season include MPL PH star Tristan “Yawi” Cabrera joining Aura Fire, and former RSG PH veteran Eman “EMANN” Sangco signing with Bigetron Alpha.

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Reigning three-time MPL ID champions ONIC Esports, led by Kairi “Kairi” Rayosdelsol, made no changes to their lineup this season.

Here’s everything you need to know about the tournament, including its schedule, results, format, and where to watch the matches live.

What is MPL ID Season 13?

MPL ID winners Season 11 champions, ONIC Esports
Credit: ONIC Esports

MPL ID Season 13 is the official Mobile Legends league in Indonesia, hosted by Moonton Games.

The MPL ID consists of two stages: a nine-week regular season featuring nine competing teams, followed by the playoffs.

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The top six teams from the regular season move on to the playoffs to compete for a spot in MSC 2024 and a share of the US$336,500 prize pool.

MPL ID Season 13 format

MPL ID trophy
Credit: ONE Esports

In the regular season, teams play in a double-round robin, best-of-three format. Points are awarded based on match outcomes, with one point for each victory.

The top six teams with the highest accumulated points advance to the playoffs.

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MPL ID Season 13 standings

Bigetron Alpha12 — 326 — 917
ONIC Esports10 — 423 — 1310
Aura7 — 718 — 162
Geek Fam8 — 618 — 180
EVOS Glory7 — 717 — 20-3
Rebellion Esports6 — 815 — 20-5
Alter Ego Esports5 — 916 — 20-4
RRQ Hoshi6 — 814 — 21-7
Dewa United Esports4 — 1114 — 24-10

(To be updated after each match day)

MPL ID Season 13 schedule

The regular season takes place from March 8 to May 19, 2024.

Week 1

March 8 (Friday)

Alter Ego2 — 0EVOS Glory
Dewa United Esports2 — 0Rebellion Esports

March 10 (Saturday)

Geek Fam0 — 2Bigetron Alpha
Rebellion Esports1 — 2Alter Ego
Aura Fire0 — 2Dewa United Esports

March 11 (Sunday)

ONIC Esports2 — 0Geek Fam ID
RRQ Hoshi2 — 1Aura Fire
Bigetron Alpha2 — 0EVOS Glory

Week 2

March 15 (Friday)

Rebellion Esports2 — 0RRQ Hoshi
EVOS Glory0 — 2Aura Fire

March 16 (Saturday)

Bigetron Alpha1 — 2Alter Ego
RRQ Hoshi0 — 2ONIC Esports
EVOS Glory1 — 2Geek Fam ID

March 17 (Sunday)

Alter Ego1 — 2ONIC Esports
Dewa United Esports0 — 2Bigetron Alpha
Aura Fire2 — 0Rebellion Esports

Week 3

March 22 (Friday)

ONIC Esports1 — 2Aura Fire
EVOS Glory2 — 1Dewa United Esports

March 23 (Saturday)

Aura Fire1 — 2Bigetron Alpha
RRQ Hoshi2 — 1EVOS Glory
Geek Fam ID2 — 1Alter Ego
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March 24 (Sunday)

Rebellion Esports2 — 1ONIC Esports
Bigetron Alpha2 — 1RRQ Hoshi
Dewa United Esports1 — 2Geek Fam ID
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Week 4

March 29 (Friday)

ONIC Esports1 — 2Dewa United Esports
Bigetron Alpha2 — 0Rebellion Esports

March 30 (Saturday)

Aura Fire2 — 0Geek Fam ID
ONIC Esports2 — 0Bigetron Alpha
RRQ Hoshi2 — 0Alter Ego

March 31 (Sunday)

Rebellion Esports1 — 2EVOS Glory
Geek Fam ID2 — 1RRQ Hoshi
Alter Ego2 — 0Dewa United Esports

Week 5

April 19 (Friday)

Geek Fam ID1 — 2Rebellion Esports
EVOS Glory2 — 0ONIC Esports
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April 20 (Saturday)

Dewa United Esports2 — 1RRQ Hoshi
Alter Ego1 — 2Aura Fire
EVOS Glory2 — 1Bigetron Alpha

April 21 (Sunday)

Alter Ego1 — 2Rebellion Esports
Geek Fam ID1 —2ONIC Esports
Dewa United Esports0 — 2Aura Fire

Week 6

April 26 (Friday)

Bigetron Alpha2 — 0Geek Fam ID
Aura Fire1 — 2RRQ Hoshi
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April 27 (Saturday)

Geek Fam ID2 — 1EVOS Glory
Rebellion Esports2 — 1Dewa United Esports
ONIC Esports2 — 1Alter Ego

April 28 (Sunday)

Dewa United Esports1 — 2ONIC Esports
Alter Ego0 — 2Bigetron Alpha
RRQ Hoshi2 — 0Rebellion Esports
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Week 7

May 3 (Friday)

Rebellion Esports2 — 0Aura Fire
Bigetron Alpha2 — 0Dewa United Esports

May 4 (Saturday)

Aura Fire1 — 2ONIC Esports
EVOS Glory2 — 1Alter Ego
RRQ Hoshi0 — 2Bigetron Alpha

May 5 (Sunday)

Dewa United Esports1 — 2EVOS Glory
Alter Ego0 — 2Geek Fam ID
ONIC Esports2 — 0RRQ Hoshi
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Week 8

May 10 (Friday)

Geek Fam ID2 — 1Dewa United Esports
Bigetron Alpha2 — 0Aura Fire
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May 11 (Saturday)

Dewa United Esports0 — 2Alter Ego
EVOS Glory2 — 1RRQ Hoshi
ONIC Esports2 —0Rebellion Esports
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May 12 (Sunday)

RRQ Hoshi0 — 2Geek Fam ID
Rebellion Esports1 — 2Bigetron Alpha
Aura Fire2 — 0EVOS Glory
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Week 9

May 17 (Friday)

Geek Fam ID4 p.m. GMT+8Aura Fire ID
RRQ Hoshi7 p.m. GMT+8Dewa United Esports

May 18 (Saturday)

EVOS Glory4 p.m. GMT+8Rebellion Esports
Alter Ego7 p.m. GMT+8RRQ Hoshi
Bigetron Alpha9:50 p.m. GMT+8ONIC Esports

May 19 (Sunday)

Aura Fire4 p.m. GMT+8Alter Ego
ONIC Esports7 p.m. GMT+8EVOS Glory
Rebellion Esports9:50 p.m. GMT+8Geek Fam ID

(to be updated)

Where to watch MPL ID Season 13?

New RRQ players for MPL ID Season 13 Borris "Brusko" Parro and John "Irrad" Abarquez posing with RRQ CEO Andrian Pauline
Credit: Andrian Pauline

All the games are broadcasted live on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s official media platforms:

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