The 2019 Southeast Asian Games’ Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) playoffs kicked off yesterday. First series up was the Upper Bracket Finals, featuring the MLBB squads from Indonesia and Malaysia.

The series was an undeniable victory for team Indonesia. With a better team composition and lane-push, Indonesia easily got two wins over the strong, yet easily dismantled team Malaysia.

Here’s a recap of the action:

Game one

Indonesia caught Malaysia on its back foot in the first game. Although he teams were pretty equal in terms of kill-count, Indonesia was making strides by taking down turtles and a few towers to increase their gold income. By the seven-minute mark, Indonesia was up by 6,000 gold after an amazing clash led by Muhammad “Wannnnn” Ridwan and team captain Gustian “Rekt”.

With constant pressure in the mid-lane, Indonesia quickly snuck into Malaysia’s base by their bottom lane with one Lord-assisted push. With the base inhibitor fully open, Indonesia swarmed in for a few more kills and a quick, 11-minute win.

Game two

Indonesia kept its momentum in Game two, but Malaysia played a more defensive game to slow the pace down. Team Malaysia still struggled with a gold deficit by the seventh minute, however, trailing by at least 4,000 gold.

Even with Malaysia playing with more cautious steps, Gustian increased the gold gap even further with a strong counter-gank, claiming three Malaysian champions.

Things were looking pretty much like deja vu for both teams from that point.

Eko “Oura” Julianto secured Lord and quickly brought down the last middle tower by the 11-minute mark. With team Indonesia attacking all three lanes, Malaysia’s defense slowly dissolved as each champion defended different towers.

Although Malaysia’s Ahmad Ali Huzaifi “Leixia” Abdullah found a quick kill on Teguh Iman “Psychoo” Firdaus, Indonesia’s Julianto and Gustian flashed in to deal the final blow to win the series.

With this Upper Bracket Finals win, Team Indonesia moves into the Grand Finals of the 2019 SEA Games. They have secured at least a silver medal finish.

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