EVOS SG has emerged victorious from the Singapore qualifiers of the ONE Esports Mobile Legends Invitational, beating DVT Esports in the final with a 3-1 standing.

While DVT put up a good fight and had a number of impressive plays, EVOS SG’s superior experience saw them clutch out multiple crucial team fights at the end of games.

Game one

EVOS took a quick lead in the series by dominating game one. DVT tried to push their luck with risky plays early on, but EVOS countered their erratic movement perfectly, moving decisively through the map to meet DVT at every step.

When the two teams clashed in the bot jungle, EVOS ended the fight with a wipeout, with Fossa going on a legendary killing spree.

DVT fought back, and managed to grab the Lord and go for a late-game siege on the EVOS base, but EVOS’ Pokemon scored a crucial double kill to ward them off.

With DVT at a numbers disadvantage, EVOS immediately went on the counterattack, chasing down the rest of DVT, as JPL, Fossa, and Pokemon rushed the DVT base inhibitor for the game one win.

Game two

DVT maintained their aggressive playstyle for game two, but this time it paid off, as the team quickly grabbed three kills within the first two minutes of the game, giving them an instant 1k gold lead.

With their very high-risk, high-reward playstyle now paying off, DVT spent the rest of the game taking out EVOS members whenever they had the chance. In the mid-game, Adammir and wQxD grabbed double kills in an epic midlane fight, which also cost EVOS their last mid-tower.

EVOS tried to answer back with a counterattack into DVT’s side of the map, but DVT were quick to thwart their efforts with a stunning combo on JPL and a takedown on Pokemon. DVT’s Adammir again took down Soul inside EVOS’ base, and the rest of DVT quickly arrived to take the base inhibitor and tie up the series.

Game three

Another strong start for DVT saw them steal the turtle from EVOS, and then jump on the retreating EVOS squad, taking down four members of EVOS in exchange for just two deaths on their side.

However, despite the numbers advantage, DVT were unable to capitalize on their momentum, and EVOS slowly made their way back into the game with constant lane pressure.

By the thirteenth minute, EVOS had destroyed the last opposing tower on the DVT side, leaving their base wide open. With waves of creeps on their side, JPL, Aeon, and Soul chipped away at the base inhibitor to take the 2-1 lead.

Game four

DVT refused to change tactics and came out swinging hard in game four with an extremely aggressive playstyle designed to secure kills. EVOS opted to play it safe, and focused instead on gold-income and tower breakdowns. Despite DVT’s focus on kills, they were unable to secure the lead, and EVOS matched them blow for blow, all while maintaining a 2,000 gold lead.

By the 12-minute mark, EVOS were ready to turn on the offense and dove deep into DVT’s final mid-tower, with JPL sniping Swoop from outside the base. The siege saw EVOS break DVT’s mid-tower, giving them two open lanes to the inhibitor.

Moments later, Fossa and JPL masterfully pushed the top lane for the final tower. As DVT rushed to defend the top lane, Pokemon flanked the last line of defense and took out Adammir as Fossa and the remaining EVOS members quickly stormed the base inhibitor for the win.

With the series win, EVOS SG has now qualified for the ONE Esports Mobile Legends Invitational, which will see 12 of the best teams in the world battle it out for a US$150,000 prize pool.

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