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Luo Yi is a mage hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang that harnesses the power of yin and yang.

With the unique effect of her Duality passive, she can deal massive damage to enemies, pull them towards each other, and stun them using Dispersion and Rotation.

Additionally, she gains shield and extra movement speed while hitting heroes with her spells, allowing her to kite them successfully.

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Furthermore, her ultimate, Diversion enables her to teleport herself and her allies to a target location. This skill can be used to launch a surprise attack from behind or escape from pursuing opponents.

However, heroes that possess strong control abilities and high mobility can effectively counter Luo Yi.

Here are five powerful heroes to counter Luo Yi in MLBB


Kaja can catch Luo Yi using his ultimate Divine Judgment, which has a suppression effect that cannot be removed by Purify, letting him pull her to a precarious position or out of her ultimate’s area of effect.

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To start your assault, use Flicker or Sprint to quickly close in on her. Use Hero Lock Mode to ensure you shackle her with Divine Judgment, then drag her near your allies using Lightning Bomb. Cast Ring of Order to deal damage, and rely on your teammates to finish her off.

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If you’re playing as a roamer, it’s advisable to build Athena’s Shield to mitigate her magic damage.


Natalia is a great hero to counter Luo Yi due to her ability to move stealthily and execute a deadly combo.

Prepare your ambush by spending some time hiding in a bush to activate the conceal state granted by Assassin Instinct. Move between bushes while searching for her. Once you have located her, unleash your combo to take her down.

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Begin by hitting her with the enhanced basic attack from Assassin Instinct to inflict significant damage and silence her.

Follow up with another amplified attack by triggering The Hunt, ensuring her death. Lastly, escape using Claw Dash and Smoke Bomb.


Wanwan is a highly mobile marksman thanks to her passive ability, Tiger Pace, which makes her an effective counter to Luo Yi.

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When attacking the Yin-yang Geomancer, make sure to move unpredictably from side to side to avoid getting hit by her spells. Release Swallow’s Path to mark and stun her.

Once all her weaknesses have been exposed, trigger Crossbow of Tang to slay her.

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In case you do get hit by Luo Yi’s spells, activate Needles in Flowers to remove any debuffs. If she uses Winter Truncheon while you are hitting her with Crossbow of Tang, you can wait for it to end before proceeding to bring her down with basic attacks.


Selena has a valuable advantage with her Abyssal Trap, allowing her to scout enemy positions.

To effectively counter Luo Yi, strategically place Abyssal Traps inside bushes. This will help you identify potential locations where she may use Diversion to make a surprise attack together with her allies.

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This tactic becomes particularly crucial when your team is focused on securing important objectives like the Lord or Turtle.

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Once you spot the Yin-yang Geomancer, launch Abyssal Arrow to stun her. Trigger Primal Darkness to enter Abyssal Form, then erase her using the Soul Eater-Garotte combo.


Not only does Benedetta possess remarkable mobility, but she also has the ability to nullify crowd control. That’s why she stands out as one of the best heroes to counter Luo Yi.

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You can begin your attack against her with Alecto: Final Blow to deal substantial damage and narrow the gap. If you have Petrify as your battle spell, combine it with your ultimate for maximum impact.

Cast An Eye for An Eye to negate her control spell, then deliver the killing blow with Phantom Slash. Use Elapsed Daytime repeatedly to swiftly disengage.

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