Cignal Ultra dominated the ONE Esports Mobile Legends Invitational Philippines qualifier, defeating NexPlay Predator Solid 3-1 in the final.

While NexPlay performed well in game one, Cignal Ultra made adjustments in game two, and won the next three in a row to secure their qualification to the ONE Esports Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Invitational.

Game one

NexPlay raced out to a fast start in the first game. With a team composition reliant on a Jawhead-Grock frontline, NexPlay conquered the lanes with full-team ganks, leaving Cignal undermanned in most situations. By the 14-minute mark, NexPlay dove deep into Cignal’s base and destroyed two base towers, opening up the enemy’s base to their creep waves.

With Cignal Ultra now stuck at base, Yawi and H2wo were able to double-team Lord to bolster their final push. With Lord on their side, NexPlay charged through the mid lane and easily destroyed the base inhibitor for the first win.

Game two

Game two was a thrilling back-and-forth between the two teams. While NexPlay had some momentum going into this game, Cignal Ultra turned things around with a last-second clash that sealed their victory.

NexPlay kept playing with a strong, stunning frontline of Jawhead and Atlas, but their success in closing out fights was all thanks to H2wo’s Ling. With three kills and eight assists, H2wo would use Tempest of Blades as a way to put some damage in their frontline.

Though NexPlay were close to securing their second game, a crucial clash changed the outcome of the game. NexPlay came in undermanned with Renejay looking for a backdoor, only to be stopped by Rhea and Tusjin. Hadess’ Claude finally popped off and got a double kill on NexPlay while the rest of the team secured a complete wipe-out. With no one left to defend, Cignal Ultra counterattacked and quickly rushed into NexPlay’s base for their first win.

Game three

By game three, Cignal Ultra were finding ways to counter NexPlay’s heavy frontline strategy. With Cignal now roaming around with Rhea, the team was able to get a seven-kill lead within the first five minutes of the game.

With Hadess still using Claude, the Filipino player was pro-active in securing map objectives such as taking down turtles and providing a quick backline when needed. In quickfire clashes where a Cignal member would fall, Hadess would run in and pick up a kill to even things out on the scoreboard.

With a significant 12K gold lead and a Lord in the midlane, Cignal Ultra overpowered NexPlay to destroy their last line of towers. Hadess and the others swarmed the defending heroes for a defining wipeout before taking their second win.

Game four

With their success in the last two games, Cignal Ultra continued with their roaming team strategy in the fourth game. Just two minutes into the game, Blank, Hadess, and ImbaDeejay went for a three-kill tower-dive with no casualties on their side.

As the two teams exchanged kills through the game, Cignal Ultra increased their lead with a critical clash in NexPlay’s bot jungle. With Blank’s Grock tanking all the damage in the fight, Hadess and the rest of Cignal Ultra were unleashing their damage from afar. Cignal came out of the clash with no deaths and another double-kill for Hadess.

With Cignal’s creeps already coming in from all sides, Cignal Ultra only needed one more push to claim the series win. With the Lord acquisition, Cignal did a flashy split-lane push, with the full team going straight for the mid-tower while Lord marched his way into through the top lane. With Lord dishing out more damage to their opponents, the rest of Cignal Ultra locked onto the base inhibitor to secure their third and final win.

Cignal Ultra has now qualified for the ONE Esports Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Invitational, which will see 12 of the best teams in the world battle it out for a US$150,000 prize pool.

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