Bigetron Alpha has triumphed in the Indonesia online country qualifiers of the ONE Esports Mobile Legends Invitational, defeating MPL rivals Alter Ego 3-1 in the final.

AE was able to put up a good fight against their Indonesian rivals, but BTR pulled through with better team clashes and strategic finishes.

Game one

Game one was a bloody back-and-forth from both teams. As the kills were stacking up on the board, Alter Ego found an opening in the midlane to initiate a potential game-winning clash with William “Yam” W taking out BTR’s main source of damage, Jabran “Branz” Wiloko, in the first engage.

With the 4v5 advantage, the rest of AE pounced on BTR tank Akbar “Bravo” Nida and broke the final mid-tower. While the team had the 3v5 team advantage to the base inhibitor, AE decided to retreat and not risk going against BTR’s toplaner, Rachmad “DreamS” Wahyudi, and his tanky Grock.

However, they would soon regret not pushing the advantage as things started to turn sour for Alter Ego when BTR’s Branz and Bravo started picking up more kills. By the 24-minute mark, BTR had a 10K gold lead and Lord in their top lane as the rest of BTR rushed the midlane.

As BTR stormed the base with waves of creeps coming from all sides, AE could do nothing to stop them from claiming the first game of the series.

Game two

Despite the missed opportunity in game one, Alter Ego had a speedy retaliation in the second game. Star midlaner, Eldhin “Celiboy” Putra, led his team into victory with an effortless first-blood triple-kill that traversed the map.

With Celiboy dominating with six kills and no deaths just six minutes in, AE raced out to an early lead. With the rest of AE tanking turret and champion damage, Celiboy focused on destroying the bot tower and the base inhibitor in no time. With the objective-based efforts, AE tied up the scoreboard at 1-1.

Game three

The dynamic duo of Bravo and Branz came to secure another big game win for Bigetron Alpha. Between the two of them, they claimed 14 out of BTR’s 17 kills, completely locking down AE’s chances of fighting back.

With Lord on their side, the team sieged the base and easily overpowered AE for the game three win.

Game four

With just one game needed to secure their spot at MLI, Bigetron Alpha came out with a safe playstyle that focused on gold-income and securing objectives.

While AE actually grabbed more kills in the early game, BTR had a steady gold lead and were able to take down two towers. As soon as BTR received their power-spike, Branz and his crew immediately struck back, and quickly overtook AE’s kill count.

With AE reeling, the team tried for a hasty attack counterattack on BTR right in front of the Lord. While Celiboy was able to take out Rippo with a snipe, the rest of AE were wiped out as BTR rushed.

With no one left to defend, BTR took the next creep wave and marched into AE’s base for the win.

With the series win, Bigetron Alpha has now qualified for the ONE Esport Mobile Legends Invitational. The tournament will see 12 of the best MLBB teams in the world battle it out for a US$150,000 prize pool on July 1-5 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

You can check out more information about the MLI here.

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