Legends of Runeterra cleans up shop in its 1.3 patch and gets players ready for the trading card game’s first-ever ranked reset.

Losers: Ranked players

Credit: Riot

Competitive ranked players will experience a substantial demotion at the end of The Season of Plunder. With the ranked season-ending at 9 a.m. PT (12 a.m. GMT +8), June 23, Riot will disable ranked mode for 24 hours, distribute ranked reward icons, and reset ranks within the day.

  • Master accounts will drop 800LP (8 divisions). Note: Patch 1.4 will also contain an update to how Master LP works—more info coming later.
  • Diamond and Platinum accounts will drop 750LP (7 divisions + 50LP).
  • Gold and Silver accounts will drop 675LP (6 divisions + 75LP).
  • Bronze and Iron accounts will reset to Iron IV.

The next season, Season of Fortune, will start approximately at 10 a.m. PT (1 a.m. GMT+8), June 24.

Winners: Expeditions

Credit: Riot

LoR’s Expedition mode gets a ton of buffs to its archetypes to help you build more substantial decks. Players can now expect more precise and useful card-sets such as Fishbones and Spell Slingers to appear after a game in Expedition.

Fishbones is receiving a buff to its consistency, plus a number of 1-cost units from other regions to provide a more varied experience depending on which third region you’ve chosen.

  • Added: Barkbeast, Coral Creatures, Daring Poro, Fleetfeather Tracker, Hapless Aristocrat, Legion Saboteur, Lonely Poro, Mageseeker Conservator, Navori Bladescout, Omen Hawk, Precious Pet, Sparring Student
  • Removed: Pilfered Goods, Scrapdash Assembly
  • Increased Wild Pick Bonus Chance to High (from Medium)

Spell Slingers is receiving a large buff to its consistency for drafters who are willing to commit to it heavily.

  • Added: Sleight of Hand, Slotbot, Will of Ionia
  • Removed: Playful Trickster, Spirit’s Refuge, Yordle Grifter
  • Increased Wild Pick Bonus Chance to High (from None)

Winners: Card gameplay

Credit: Riot

With LoR still being a pretty new game, Riot has fixed a handful of bugs and clarified some keywords to make more sense for beginning players. Players can now expect “random” to mean “random from any region” rather than just your deck’s regions. This will affects cards such as Petty Officer, Jailbreak, and Ionian Champion Karma.

The bugfixes are mainly for visual effects and translations, but if you ever experienced a Yasuo being stolen from your hand through spells, you can expect it to never happen again. Here are a few of the bugs for your own viewing:

  • Fixed an issue that very rarely allowed Yasuo to be stolen from an opposing hand by steal-from-hand effects.
  • Fixed an issue where the animation for Super Mega Death Rocket would sometimes not play.
  • Fixed an issue where Dragon’s Rage would sometimes target Tough enemies multiple times.
  • Fixed a bug where blue VFX would sometimes linger after drawing cards with Puffcaps attached to them.

For more information, you can check out the full Legends of Runeterra 1.3 patch notes.

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