Legends of Runeterra has received its first patch update, balancing around a few of the regions and fixing some issues in different modes.

While the patch is implementing minor changes, Riot has confirmed that Legends of Runeterra will be receiving patch updates every other Tuesday after patch 1.2.

Winners: Bilgewater

Bilgewater compositions now have three more viable early-game units in Longtooth, Monkey Idol, and Slotbot. These three units have gained buffs in health while Slotbot now deals 1 damage, now making him a defensive force with an edge.

  • Longtooth
    • Health: 1 → 2
  • Monkey Idol
    • Health: 4 → 5
  • Slotbot
    • Power: 0 → 1
    • Health: 3 → 4

Losers: Karma and Deep Meditation

Players can expect Ionia to be taken down a notch due to the increased cost of Karma, leaving her untouched until the late game. Along with the aggro-spellcaster, Ionia’s Deep Meditation now costs 5 mana since Riot believed that it worked too well with Ionia’s deep pool of spells.

  • Karma
    • Cost: 5 → 6
    • Karma’s Insight of Ages
      • Cost: 5 → 6
  • Deep Meditation
    • Cost: 4 → 5

Winners: Expeditions

LoR’s Expeditions mode has received some significant changes in its unit shuffling. Though Riot has nerfed Bilgewater’s chances from having twice as likely more champions to pop up, other regions such as Demacia now have more units for the taking.

Demacia Adjustments


  • Added: For Demacia!, Ranger’s Resolve, Reckless Trifarian
  • Removed: Greathorn Companion, Grizzled Ranger, Trifarian Hopeful, Vanguard Sergeant


  • Added: Chronicler of Ruin, En Garde, Hapless Aristocrat, Mobilize, Purify
  • Removed: Absorb Soul, Ancient Crocolith, Back to Back, Scribe of Sorrows

Losers: Piltover & Zaun

The bustling cities of Piltover & Zaun get shorthanded in this patch with nerfs on early-game unit Boomcrew Rookie and champion Vi. The Piltover Enforcer now has less health due to the raw strength of her baseline stats while Boomcrew Rookie receives the same nerf due to the usefulness of his active skill.

  • Vi
    • Level 1: Health: 5 → 4
    • Level 2: Health: 6 → 5
  • Boomcrew Rookie
    • Health: 4 → 3

You can check out the full Legends of Runeterra 1.2 patch notes here.

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