G2 Esports took the biggest victory against the LoL legend Lee “Faker” Sang-Hyeok and his team, SK Telecom T1. With a 3-1 standing in the semifinals, G2 Esports was able to dismantle SKT with clutch team-fights that left the Korean team guessing every move.

Game one

Game one was an amazing back-and-forth between the two teams. SKT took a chance with Baron for a significant buff into the late game while G2’s Caps and Wunder prioritized map dominance, destroying the bottom lane’s tower and inhibitor.

With the first Baron buff rendered useless due to Caps’ constant lane pressure, SKT decided to take another shot at Baron. With Baron almost at half-life, G2 lured SKT into a massive team fight. Although the fight looked to be a stalemate, Jankos was able to execute two SKT members after going gold. With G2 still standing strong, Perkz finished off the rest of SKT with a flurry of feathers.

After the game-changing ace, all four G2 members went to destroy the Nexus, even taking down a newly-respawned Effort right before the finish.

Game two

With a better grasp on G2’s playstyle, SKT gained some confidence in the second game. As a roaming mid-laner with LeBlanc, Faker had set up a lot of plays to dominate the early-game. The SKT mid-laner got a good catch in G2’s bot-side jungle, giving Clid a solid double-kill.

By the 21-minute mark, SKT was eager for another clash with G2. With a strong chase game, SKT Teddy initiated Last Breath to take Caps out of the fight. After a missed Hero’s Entrance by Mikyx, Teddy and Khan went on a killing spree, granting their team a well-deserved ace.

G2 tried to make ground once more with an Elder Dragon rush, but Clid flashed in for the perfect steal. With G2’s backline now exposed, SKT took out their members one by one, with Teddy even taking a triple-kill in the process. Going off their second ace of the game, SKT sieged G2’s base and finalized their game win with all of G2 still dead.

Game three

As SKT got more aggressive with their plays, G2 went on the defensive in Game three. Although SKT were nailing their plays against individuals, G2 made an effort to always equalize the game. Khan took out Wunder in top-lane, but Jankos equaled it out with a takedown on Effort in bot-lane.

Later in the game, SKT secured the Baron buff and pushed for a fight in G2’s bot-side jungle. Although things were looking up for SKT, Perkz perfectly executed a Featherstorm that took down Clid and Teddy, leaving only Faker alive on the blue side.

With Effort exposing himself as the weak link in SKT’s line-up, G2 sieged the base to eliminate the support. Even though Khan got a double-kill, Perkz kited the Renekton to his death, leaving a half-life Teddy to defend SKT’s Nexus. With barely any life left, the last of G2 rushed the Nexus, with Perkz even getting a double-kill as a cherry-on-top to such an amazing finish.

Game four

With G2 on matchpoint, SKT brought out their A-game for a possible comeback. By the 10-minute mark, SKT locked arms to defend the bot-lane. Even though Teddy fell to Janko’s Olaf, Faker came in to pinch the G2 survivors, rewarding SKT with two more kills in the fight.

SKT had a strong showing into the mid-game, but the Korean team went into a downward spiral in just one upsetting clash. Faker had a horrible misstep in a quick engage against Wunder, dying instantly in the 4v1 engagement. With Faker now gone, G2 chased down the rest of SKT, taking out Clid just a few seconds later.

With nowhere left to hide in the final minutes of the game, Faker tried to take down Mikyx at the edge of G2’s base, but Perkz came in with an instant Last Breath. Perkz followed with a rampage against the remaining SKT members, giving himself a quadra-kill and his team a winning ace. With SKT still deep into their death timers, G2 made a B-line to the Nexus, ending the series with a stellar performance.

With their semi-finals win, G2 Esports will be the first-ever European team to become finalists in the League of Legends World Championship. G2 will now face Chinese team FunPlus Phoenix in the Worlds 2019 Grand Finals on November 10.

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