League of Legends fan Marinate Carrot has produced beautiful artworks of our favorite champions on wood canvases.

She shared some of these League of Legends wood paintings on Reddit, showing off different splash arts and skins.

Check out this artist’s collection of League of Legends wood paintings

League of Legends, wood paintings, Coven Lissandra, Blood Moon Jhin
Credit: Marina C

The artist hand paints the champions on different shapes and sizes of wood. The round ones can be used as drink coasters, since they have been sealed with a water-resistant topcoat according to Marinate Carrot.

League of Legends, wood paintings, elderwood ornn
Credit: Marina C

Marinate Carrot draws a line art of the champion first, then fills in the details with acrylic paint. You can check out the artist’s YouTube channel here.

League of Legends, Project Jhin, Twisted Fate, wood paintings
Credit: Marina C

From eye-candy skins like Gun Goddess Miss Fortune and K/DA All Out Evelynn to classic splash arts like Twisted Fate, this artist has done some amazing League of Legends art pieces.

League of Legends, Gun Goddess Miss Fortune, Wood Paintings
Credit: Marina C

View more LoL champion wood paintings here:

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