After two days going live on League of Legends servers on patch 12.16, reworked Udyr still isn’t seeing the light of day.

At the time of writing, he has a high 18.7% pick rate in the jungle role, but only 42.23% win rate in high Elo solo queue in Platinum rank and above according to U.GG. This is the lowest win rate out of all junglers, and a far cry from Rek’Sai’s 54.03% chart topping win rate.

In the top lane, he is picked much less at 5.6%, with a 43.1% win rate that isn’t much better. Even though he’s been visually upgraded, his gameplay update doesn’t seem to match

Reworked Udyr in LoL patch 12.16 is currently worse off than before

Definitely Not Udyr skin splashart
Credit: Riot Games

The two biggest changes to Udyr’s abilities is to his ultimate and the former Tiger Stance. Wingborne Storm–which replaces Phoenix stance–temporarily summons a storm around him that slows and damages nearby units. His next two attacks cause the storm to pulse, dealing bonus magic damage.

While it can still deal a high amount of damage to a single target, Wilding Claw (previously Tiger Stance) now also chains lightning off a target, bouncing up to six times, and can strike the same target multiple times.

Even though everything about him has been improved, from his kit, to visuals, even his lore, which has been well-received by the League of Legends community, his ranked win rate hasn’t reflected this. Just like Bel’Veth when she was first released and reworked Volibear last year, these champions have produced some of the lowest win rates in the jungle position.

Trundle, Rek’Sai, Olaf, and Nunu and Willump are some of the champions that he struggles against, according to U.GG, and who happen to be the highest win rate junglers in the prevailing meta. Reworked Udyr now goes for a pure tank build with Sunfire Aegis as his Mythic, and an opposing Trundle with Subjugate would highly benefit from that.

Read the full LoL patch 12.16 notes here.

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