To prepare for the battle ahead, Rare Atom and Invictus Gaming players settled into their seats on the LPL stage.

As the broadcast cycled through each player one by one, fans caught glimpses of their favorite esports stars just before they enter the Rift.

This Spring 2021 regular season match was also co-streamed by former Invictus Gaming and Royal Never Give Up top laner, Liu “Zz1tai” Zhi-Hao, who retired in 2019. He once played alongside Invictus Gaming’s current mid laner Song “Rookie” Eui-jin back in 2015 and 2016.

Seeing the shots of Invictus Gaming on stage pre-game, Zz1tai commented, “When I took a look just now, there’s no more light in Song Eui-jin’s eyes. Really no more light anymore.”

He also compared his expression to Royal Never Give Up’s support Shi “Ming” Sen-Ming, and remarked that Rookie looked worse, especially in relation to how he was like in 2015.

Invictus Gaming mid laner Rookie at the 2015 World Championship group stage
IG Rookie at the 2015 World Championship
Credit: Riot Games

Another former Royal Never Give Up top laner, Yan “Letme” Jun-Ze, was also on livestream with Zz1tai. He remarked, “Rookie usually bursts out laughing. Previously when I watched him compete, he’s always happy.”

“Yes, previously he did burst out laughing. Previously, he created a good atmosphere,” said Zz1tai.

Invictus Gaming has qualified for the 2021 LPL Spring playoffs which will begin in April.

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