They have a band, they write original songs, they star in their own music videos, they create original ads, and they also produce world-class teams.

Now, the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) has its own apparel line.

The premiere LEC collection features tees, hoodies, mugs, phone cases and a sticker sheet in its signature orange and turquoise colors.

Is there anything the LEC can’t do?

Ever since its re-brand in 2019, the EU LCS turned LEC has been iconic in the League of Legends esports sphere. Great marketing developed the LEC into a brand that’s fun, youthful and edgy.

Most importantly, the LEC identity resonates deeply with the fans, and has become the most recognizable LoL esports league. All of its content plays around two bright colors with high contrast, expressed in a “strike” and “blaze” motif that gives a modern graffiti feel.

LEC caster Indiana “Froskurinn” Black elaborated on the collection’s styling on Twitter. Recommending that they be worn as part of an “oversized”, loose look, these color block hoodies are perfect for cool, laid back days in spring and summer.

“The hoodies are thin. It’s a spring/summer hoodie, not a winter one. Very lightweight cotton,” Froskurinn said.

For fans who want to round off the look with a phone cover accessory, there are three designs to choose from. They come in a variety of sizes, ranging from iPhone 5 to iPhone 11, and Samsung S6 to Samsung S20.

Visit the official LEC store to make your purchase.

EU pride has reached a new height.

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