Korean pop sensation BTS and three-time League of Legends Worlds champions T1 have done it again with another collaboration in the latest episode of variety show “Run BTS.”

BTS and T1, who are considerably South Korea’s most influential squads in their respective fields, continued their gaming session in the second part of their collaborative episode. They played party game titles like Gang Beasts and Fall Guys.

If you missed the show, don’t worry, here are the top five moments from the episode.

5. Jungkook’s amazing run and jump strategy

After advancing to the second round in the colorful battle royale game Fall Guys, the golden maknae (youngest) member of BTS Jungkook showed off his trick for surviving the Jump Club stage, which is to run fast and jump before the lower pole comes.

His strategy was actually doing well and impressed everyone on his team until he miscalculated a jump that sent his striped bean rolling and then later on falling to elimination.

4. Jimin’s flawless balancing act

Jimin effortlessly survived Fall Guys’ Roll Out stage, where players have to balance themselves in the middle of a spinning beam.

BTS’ main dancer did not even break a sweat while playing this round. In fact, Jimin was laughing and looked like he was genuinely having fun as he tried to keep his Fall Guy bean alive.

“Jimin is so talented in this game,” commented RM.

3. V’s smooth race finish

V impressed everyone with his flawless Fall Guys race finish, even ending the round as one of the leading players. He, together with teammate Kim “Canna” Chang-dong, even beat Suga and the legendary Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok to advance to the next round.

2. Jin finishes third place in Fall Guys

It seemed like Jin and Jimin enjoyed playing Fall Guys the most as they were one of the last ones standing on the first round. Jin even finished third place in the Hex-A-Gone stage.

1. Instant kill from V

The second game the teams played was Gang Beasts, a wacky 3v3 game that plays with the characters’ physics.

What amazed us the most was V’s cunning gameplay during the second round of Gang Beasts. He wiped out all of Team A’s Faker, Moon “Cuzz” Woo-chan, and Jimin in an instant after cutting the elevator cable and sacrificing himself to make his teammate Lee “Effort” Sang-ho (who was on the other elevator) win.

Of course T1 brought their A-game as well. Here is Park “Teddy” Jin-seong’s finishing move against J-Hope.

“Professional gamers are at another level,” commented Suga.

BTS turned out to be pretty good at playing Gang Beasts. In fact, the game’s developers were so impressed they suggested forming a Pro League. BTS — k-pop idols by day, Gang Beasts esports team by night?

BTS and T1 played a total of seven games (three parlor games and four video game titles) for about four hours. Suga even confessed that he felt like he was playing with his old friends after spending some time with T1.

“It feels like I’m with my friends,” said Suga. “Friends who are good at playing games. It feels like I’m at a PC bang (internet cafe) with friends.”

He also admitted that he watches T1’s game broadcasts sometimes and he was more or less starstrucked by the presence of one of the best League of Legends teams in Korea.

“I watch your game broadcasts. It felt like being with celebrities because I saw you on TV only.”

Like the rest of his teammates, Canna said that he had a great time playing with BTS.

“It was my honor to play with you,” Canna said while looking at V and Jimin. “BTS members are cheerful and jolly. Thanks to that, I enjoyed playing games.”

Teddy also added that BTS is his favorite band and admitted that he was nervous at first, but eventually got more casual after seeing BTS’ playful and funny side.

T1 fans and army will forever remember Teddy and Faker’s iconic “Idol” performance from episode 114 of Run BTS.

Fans certainly enjoyed this very wholesome interaction between BTS and T1. The full Run BTS episode 115 can be watched here.

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