Josh “Jatt” Leesman has left his role as League of Legends Championship Series shoutcaster to join Team Liquid as its new head coach.

With more than a decade in the League of Legends professional scene both as a player and a Riot employee, Jatt felt that his adept knowledge in the game and the LCS could transition well into a coaching role. He’ll be able to see things beyond his own coaching and properly communicate his ideas to the players in an understandable way.

On choosing Team Liquid, Jatt believed that the team holds a lot of experience and promise despite their disappointing run in the 2020 Spring Split. As he enters the team as a head coach, he sees himself as someone who will aid in bringing TL to strive for one cohesive goal.

“I’m hoping that I’m able to gather all the information from the players and coaches and then help align everyone towards the same goal,” said Jatt. “That’s how we’ll find an identity that everyone’s able to buy into.”

Jatt says he is looking forward to being part of the “nitty-gritty” of team management. He says he’ll be more than excited to start assessing such things as pick-bans rather than just reviewing it from afar.

“I think, overall, the story of Summer Split should hopefully be redemption and it can hopefully move them towards more,” stated Jatt. “People often take for granted how difficult it can be to win an LCS Split and I think Liquid is still capable of doing that.”

You will see Team Liquid and coach Jatt in the 2020 LCS Summer Split, which starts on June 13.

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