Support player T1 Keria expressed frustration with the champion choices available for his upcoming Worlds 2023 skin. In a recent livestream on his personal Twitch channel, he recounted a meeting with the Riot skin team about it.

“I was literally begging them on my knees, pleading to make it a Lux skin,” Ryu “Keria” Min-seok said on his livestream.

As a member of T1’s victorious roster at Worlds 2023, Keria is entitled to a Worlds Championship skin. This involves choosing a champion played during the tournament and collaborating with the Riot design team to customize the skin.

T1 Keria wants Lux for his Worlds 2023 skin, and has even planned out a cute recall animation featuring NewJeans

To qualify for a Worlds skin line, players must either participate in two play-in or group stage games “that had an impact on the team’s advancement” or participate in at least one knockout stage game. Players must play their chosen champion for the skin at least once during Worlds to be eligible for the skin.

Lux splash art
Credit: Riot Games

Regrettably, Keria did not play Lux at any point during the tournament. His primary picks during Worlds 2023 comprised Renata Glasc in five games, Bard in two games, and Tahm Kench in two games.

Despite not playing Lux, Keria has a clear vision for his ideal Worlds 2023 skin. He envisions Lux in a recall animation inspired by the K-pop group NewJeans.

“(The champion) would be practicing NewJeans’ choreography in front of a mirror,” he said during the livestream. “And I asked for a ponytail or twin tails.”

In a light-hearted exchange, Riot Games entertained the idea of incorporating these concepts into Bard’s design, like adding a ponytail to the wandering caretaker. There was even a playful suggestion of featuring Lux beside Bard in his recall animation. Keria admitted that this joke made him frown at the thought.

During the Worlds 2023 post-match press conference, T1 Keria said he is considering Bard or Renata Glasc for his skin. He has a 100% win rate on both champions, with a very high KDA for Renata Glasc at 18.3.

Official confirmation of T1’s final champions for their Worlds 2023 skins from Riot Games is still pending as of the time of writing.

League of Legends T1 Keria 2023 Worlds Swiss promo beckoning with hands
Credit: Riot Games

Keria has been T1’s support since 2020, remaining on the main roster for three years and counting. Recently, he renewed his contract with the esports organization.

Keria is the first support to secure the LCK Regular Season MVP award and holds the distinction of pioneering unconventional support picks such as Caitlyn, Kalista, and Varus in LCK.

In addition to his achievements, he, alongside his teammate Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, earned a gold medal at the Asian Games 2022 for the League of Legends esports category.

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