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Can you hear his resounding roar? Prepare for the arrival of Smolder, the new dragon champion in League of Legends.

Known as the Fiery Fledgling, Smolder originates from the fallen kingdom of Camavor, carrying an imperial dragon heritage. His journey intertwines with a human friend named Marinos, who not only bestows the name Smolder upon him but also teaches him how to walk, talk, and make jokes.

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Smolder is League’s first actual dragon, different from Aurelion Sol, a celestial being, and Shyvana, a half-dragon, as clarified by Senior Narrative Writer Kristina Atanasoski in a press release.

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If you’re looking forward to playing this new champion, here’s everything you need to know about Smolder release date in LoL, including the patch when he goes live in the game.

Smolder release date: When is the new LoL champion coming out?

Smolder concept art
Credit: Riot Games

Smolder debuted in League of Legends with the release of patch 14.2, which came out on Tuesday, January 23.

Notably, prior to the Smolder release date, Riot Games worked on the champion’s visual design in response to initial negative feedback from players.

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Smolder became available for testing on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) on January 10.

The new dragon champion was first announced on January 5 with a playful video. This short clip, narrated by Smolder himself, provided a glimpse into the dragon’s lore within Runeterra, specifically in the kingdom of Camavor.

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