Riot Games is set to introduce an anti-cheat security software named Vanguard to League of Legends in April 2024.

Certain elements of Vanguard have already been made available in the Public Beta Environment (PBE) as early as February 2024.

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In a short dev update, Jeremy “Riot Brightmoon” Lee and Pu “Riot Pupulasers” Liu shared insights into their rollout strategy for testing the software before its launch.

Riot Games to test Vanguard in one region first before globally launching it in League of Legends

The anti-cheat software launches in a single region first, and Riot plans to closely monitor how it’s impacting players in that region.

It releases first in the Philippines in patch 14.5 on March 6, as revealed in Teamfight Tactics’ patch notes.

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“Our version of Vanguard will be customized specifically to target the cheaters, scripters, and bots we see in LoL,” Riot Pupulasers said.

Watch the full dev update below:

What is Vanguard?

Vanguard is a custom game security software developed by Riot Games, aimed at maintaining the utmost competitive integrity across its titles.

It comprises a client that operates while League of Legends is running, and a kernel mode driver.

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Initially implemented in Riot Games’ first-person shooter, Valorant, it has proven effective, prompting its integration into LoL to promote fair gameplay.

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Players must keep the software active during LoL sessions and whenever the League Client is open. Any attempt to uninstall, exit, or tamper with Vanguard in an unauthorized manner will result in the inability to access the game.

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Before its introduction in Valorant, players expressed concerns about the intrusiveness and potential data privacy issues associated with the software.

However, Riot Games has reassured the community that it “adheres to regional data privacy laws.”

If you want to learn more about Vanguard, check out Riot’s support page.

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