League of Legends’ newest cosmetics have Irelia and Senna saddling up to be the newest champions in the High Noon skin line.

Senna’s High Noon skin will be her second-ever skin right after her iconic True Damage look. With High Noon, Senna dons an all-black trench coat with a cowboy hat, lighting her way with some flame-tipped dreadlocks. Her trademark railgun now transforms into a loyal steed that will accompany Senna when she has a significant speed boost or when she’s recalling.

As for her skills, Senna replaces her usual mossy-green tint with a fiery tinge. Piercing Darkness, Last Embrace, and Dawning Shadow all have new visuals and sounds that will remind others that there’s a new sheriff in town.

With her entry in the High Noon line, Senna will reunite with her husband Lucian and their archenemy Thresh, bringing their lore and story to an alternate universe.

Despite being a swordswoman, Irelia perfectly fits the Western aesthetic in her high Noon skin. Her blades now emit a smoky, fiery tint that’ll burn her enemies while her recall gives her some angelic wings.

The two High Noon skins will soon make their way to the Public Beta Environment for testing.

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