With League of Legends being a decade old, seasoned champions eventually become outdated on the Rift. Luckily, Riot does its best by providing visual updates to modernize older champions. For the first VFX upgrade in 2020, Riot has chosen Annie and Nautilus for a quick visual makeover.

The VFX update focuses more on the aesthetics of the champions and their skins rather than the champions themselves. Although Annie received a visual and gameplay update (VGU) in 2018, Riot believed that her skills still needed a bit more fire to them.

Annie’s skills will come with more flare: Disintegrate now has a proper fire trail while her cone-shot, Incinerate, looks more definitive with a longer scorch mark on the ground. Molten Shield creates a clearer bubble, making Annie more visible inside it. Lastly, the most significant change is her Ultimate, Tibbers, which now has an AoE ring of fire when summoned.

First introduced in 2012, Nautilus is a deep-sea juggernaut, but his moves truly don’t show the impact. With the update, Riot aimed for a more defined VFX thematic, giving the support champion a stronger, haunting look to his kit.

Nautilus’ basic attacks have trails with new impacts, making his Staggering Blow more evident. His Dredge Line looks more ghostly as it approaches an enemy, even sinking if the anchor misses. Riot cleaned up Titan’s Wrath to have a minimal style, replacing the floating anchor with a dark ray of light. His ultimate, Depth Charge, now has a bigger visual radius on impact, clarifying the target and the ultimate’s zone of damage.

Although these updates are solely aesthetic, it shows that Riot still takes time to show some well-needed love for its older champions.

The VFX updates for Annie and Nautilus will go live on the Public Beta environment sometime this week. You can check out the VFX update notes here.

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