League of Legends developer Riot has unveiled its newest publishing label, Riot Forge. The announcement was made through Riot Forge’s official Twitter account.

With Riot Forge, Riot plans to collaborate with other studios to create new games within the LoL universe. Although the games will be considered third-party because of the partner studio’s development, Riot Forge will be the official publishing label for such games.

In terms of lore development, Riot Forge seeks to expand the world of LoL with such partner studios. As much as Riot is the creator of LoL, the company urges these partner studios to build and branch off into their own stories that will add to the source material.

In terms of platforms, Riot Forge will be creating games for PC, Console, and Mobile, but some games may not be released on all platforms. This is to ensure that each game is designed with the right platform in mind for the best possible player experience.

The publishing label will make its world premiere at the Game Awards on December 12.

For more information, you can check out the official website here.

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