Do you love flying, fire-breathing creatures, and hovering above magical lands? If you said yes then League of Legends’ newest Dragonmancers skins are perfect for you!

It reimagines the five champions Aurelion Sol, Ashe, Sett, Brand, and Lee Sin in a fantasy world overflowing with draconic powers.

Here’s how we think the skins stack up from worst to best.

5. Fae Dragon Ashe

Credit: Riot Games

The frost archer looks absolutely fantastic, glowing in teal and fuschia colors. Using Ashe’s first and second abilities also adorns the enemy target with gorgeous grass and firefly on-hit particle effects.

Unfortunately, her ultimate Enchanted Crystal Arrow doesn’t transform into a huge dragon (unlike a certain first-person shooter hero with the surname Shimada), but it still looks insanely good with a small dragon circling around Ashe’s huge arrow.

4. Eternal Dragon Brand

Credit: Riot Games

This skin is literal fire, as Brand gets basked with a purple glow care of his dragon companion. He now looks more human compared to his default, fiery appearance.

Aside from casting Pillar of Flame, Brand’s ultimate ability Pyroclasm shows a playful dragon. It bounces in between enemies and sets them into purple flames.

3. Obsidian Dragon Sett

Credit: Riot Games

Right off the bat, Obsidian Dragon Sett could pass for Tekken 7’s Jin Kazama — the horns, the fingerless gloves, and especially the glowing red eyes remind us of the fighting game character. Unlike Ashe and Brand, Sett’s aura only glows when his Haymaker ability gets empowered.

We also absolutely love the sound effects coming from his abilities, which make Sett feel like the tough fighter that he is. Heard a dragon screaming from a distance? Watch out, that might be Obsidian Dragon Sett and his Show Stopper.

2. Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol

The celestial dragon Aurelion Sol takes the form of the storm dragon Ao Shin in this skin. He looks absolutely terrifying especially in his recall animation where he summons a boulder and perches on it. Aurelion Sol’s E and R abilities also go well with the colors of the Summoner’s Rift map, as if he’s one of the natural inhabitants of the place preparing to harbor a wild storm.

Storm Dragon is only Aurelion Sol’s fourth skin since his release back in 2016.

1. Storm Dragon Lee Sin

Credit: Riot Games

Lee Sin looks like a whole new champion with his Storm Dragon form. Aside from his top notch appearance accompanied by a cool-looking right dragon arm, this skin has been loaded with lots of sound and animation effects. Strikes of lightning go out upon casting his basic attacks, and he even has en emote where he just gets soaked under a rain cloud.

What’s more, all these particle effects look absolutely stunning when Lee Sin performs a combination of his abilities, as seen in this skin spotlight.

Which of these Dragonmancers are you adding to your collection?

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