The League of Legends spear-wielding champion Pantheon has been transformed into a modern warrior in his new visual and gameplay update.

All of Pantheon’s nine skins including his default look in the MOBA game were given a total rework to give the champion a new appearance. Each of Dragonslayer Pantheon’s chromas have been updated as well. This video showed art concepts and turnarounds that lead to the warrior’s newborn style.

Pantheon’s stats and three of his abilities have also been buffed. His passive ability, Mortal Will, now gives Pantheon’s next basic skill a buff after five basic attacks or ability uses.

His first ability damage-dealer Comet Spear, when buffed, deals extra damage and slows, while his third skill which acts as an invulnerable shield Aegis Assault, now last longers when empowered.

As for his remaining abilities, Shield Vault, when enhanced with the Mortal Will buff, allows his next basic attack to hit three times, while the ultimate Grand Starfall will also trigger his passive buff when it completes.

Riot Games’ gameplay designer Bryan “Riot Axes” Salvatore further explained the change in the champion’s kit, saying that the team “tried to stay close to the spirit of what the character was about.”

“So his ult is mostly the same, we call it Grand Starfall now. He comes in at an angle and comes streaking across the ground… I expect skilled Pantheon players to hit more enemies with the Grand Starfalls than they did with old Pantheon’s Grand Skyfall.”

Aside from his skins and abilities, Pantheon’s lore has been updated which explores the life and struggles of Atreus, a warrior determined to ascend the mountains of Targon to capture the power of the Aspects.

This Pantheon champion update is now available for testing at the LoL Public Beta Environment (PBE) 9.16 cycle.

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