After Akshan, a new yordle champion will be coming to League of Legends soon.

Riot Games not only released Akshan’s champion trailer, but also teased the upcoming 157th League of Legends champion.

The MOBA game developer is set to release four new champions this year, and they’re all related to Ruination. Viego, Gwen, and Akshan have already been revealed, so all that’s really left is this new yordle champion.

Here is what we know so far about League of Legends’ new yordle champion.

3. She is a gloomy classic mage

League of Legends, gloomy yordle, bandle city
Credit: Riot Games

The new yordle champion has been described as a “gloomy” creature who hates all the bright colors in Bandle City, according to Lead Producer of the Champions team Ryan “Reav3” Mireles. She seems to be annoyed at hyperactive champions and their incoming skillshots.

She was originally going to be an artillery mage, but further developments led her closer to be classified as a classic mage.

2. She will play a huge part in Viego’s story

Riot initially planned to release the new yordle champion first before Akshan. However, the developers required more time to polish her kit.

“We needed to create some new tech to visually sell her source of power,” said Reav3 in the April League of Legends champion roadmap.

Riot Games also stated that this new yordle champion will become a major character in Viego’s story.

1. Here’s our first look at the new yordle champion

League of Legends, Riot Games, new yordle champion
Credit: Riot Games

At the end of the video introducing Akshan, several players noticed the appearance of a very strange character sitting next to existing LoL champions Olaf, Riven, Shyvana, and Draven.

This is highly likely the upcoming yordle, especially since she appears to be of small stature with an animal-like face. Besides, her high and pointed ears make it impossible for players to confuse her with Poppy or Tristana.

League of Legends, Vex, new yordle champion
Credit: Riot Games

With a dark aura and the clear discomfort in her eyes, this hooded character could very well be League of Legends’ new yordle mage.

LoL sleuths have already started forming their theories. Some say her name is Norra, the previous owner of Yuumi. Will she become Viego’s ally, or will she use her darkness against him just like Gwen did?

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