Afreeca Freecs opened the LCK Summer Split with a strong victory over SANDBOX Gaming. Along with the win, Jin “Mystic” Seong-jun pulled off yet another pentakill.

Despite being knocked up by Kim “Dove” Jae-yeon’s Emperor’s Charge, on Mystic’s Aphelios instantly melted SANDBOX Gaming’s healthbars with his Infernum flamethrower.

With a flashy triple kill, the rest of Afreeca locked down the remaining SB players to help Mystic secure the penta.

While pentakills are already a rare sight, Mystic’s achievement has some weight to it. He also scored the first pentakill of the LCK 2020 Spring Split, in Week 3, and it just so happened to be against SANDBOX Gaming again.

Catch Mystic and Afreeca Freecs in their next match against T1 on June 26.

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