It’s been a year since Morgana was adjusted, and four years since her ultimate, Soul Shackles, was even touched.

In League of Legends patch 13.20, we’re finally getting some buffs to two of her abilities — but it comes with a nerf to Black Shield, which isn’t actually good news for support mains.

In their patch notes, Riot Games acknowledged that “Morgana has felt weak for a while.” However, they haven’t been able to buff her because she has a high ban rate in solo queue.

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“This patch, we’re buffing her ult to ensure it continues to be worth casting as the game progresses, but slightly increasing the E cooldown to give CC supports more windows to interact with her,” they wrote. “We’re also helping out her midlane and jungle with buffs to W scaling.”

League of Legends patch 13.20 buffs Morgana but perhaps not the in way support mains wanted

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Credit: Riot Games

W – Tormented Shadow

  • Magic Damage per Second increased from 12/22/32/42/52 (+14% AP) to 12/22/32/42/52 (+17% AP)
  • Monster Damage Modifier increased from 155% to 165%

E – Black Shield

  • Cooldown increased from 24/22/20/18/16 seconds to 26/23.5/21/18.5/16 seconds

R – Soul Shackles

  • Bonus Movement Speed changed and increased from 5/30/55% while facing towards tethered enemies to 10/35/60% in all directions
  • Stun Duration increased from 1.5 seconds at all ranks to 1.5/1.75/2 seconds
  • Magic Damage increased from 150/225/300 (+70% AP) to 175/250/325 (+80% AP) (Note: this will still hit twice, once upon initial cast and a second time when the tether stuns)

Only the AP scaling of Tormented Shadow was increased, which slightly favors mid lane Morgana. At the end of the day, she’s limited by her build. Her core items include defensive items like Zhonya’s Hourglass, Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, and Demonic Embrace.

The real buff to W is the monster damage modifier, which will definitely improve jungle Morgana’s clear speed.

The second big buff is to her ultimate. The last time Soul Shackles was changed was way back in patch 9.14 where Riot granted it true sight for the duration of the stun. Now, they’re improving it further by giving her more movement speed during her ultimate regardless of direction.

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It’ll be easier to keep her shackles on enemies, and the reward greater — the stun duration scales with level up to two seconds, which is great news regardless of role.

The part that slightly puts support Morgana mains at a disadvantage is the nerf to Black Shield. Its base cooldown was increased at all levels, so you’ll have to be even more conservative about its use.

Putting it altogether, we’ve no doubt that her power spike at level six will be felt (opponents, watch out!), and it’s an overall buff for all roles.

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