Milio is here to add diversity not only to the League of Legends champion roster, but also its fast expanding universe.

So far, the game’s lineup doesn’t have many pre-teen champions. Neither did it have a true, squishy, long-ranged male enchanter support — it’s populated by females of different races and a questionably adorable cat.

Milio will fill these holes with his unique healing-based fire abilities, no less. Unlike flex supports Brand and Annie, the League’s two primary pyro mages who exhibit deep murderous intent, Milio’s pyro skills heal, buff, and even cleanse allies.

In terms of lore, he adds Latino representation to Summoner’s Rift, and gives us a wider look at Ixtal, where champions Qiyana, Nidalee, Neeko, and Malphite hail from.

You’ll appreciate the thought and design work that went into League of Legends support, Milio

Milio's clothing design
Credit: Riot Games

The source of his power comes from his enormous backpack called furnasita — a play on Portuguese words meaning friend and fire told Riot Games in a press conference — which contains a giant, bulbous fuemigo. He pulls smaller fuemigos out of it when casting spells.

At 12-years-old, his animations reflect his playful, youthful nature: high energy, exuberant, and fast-paced.

“I wanted to try to make it feel like there’s a lot of movement and a lot of excitement in his actions. But two is making him feel kind of annoying like a bratty younger brother to some degree,” explained Riot Games game designer Myles “Riot Emizery” Salholm.

“The way that he ends up interacting with you in lane is that he’s not going to outright kill you, but he’ll keep annoying you until you get so fed up that you try and kill him.”

Milio abilities exploration by Riot Games
Credit: Riot Games

Milio’s abilities buff ally damage, heal, increase an ally’s attack range and movement speed, cleanse crowd control, and can knock back and slow an enemy champion.

This means that just like typical enchanter supports, he positions in the backline, and is vulnerable to all-in initiations.

However, his late game scaling cannot be ignored. Riot Emizery compares him to Sona, who can heal up and buff the entire team significantly once they get their items.

Outside of the game, Milio stands in complete opposite of Qiyana even though they come from the same region of Ixtal. She lives in Ixaocan, its capital city, at the “top of Ixtal’s social hierarchy.” In contrast, he grew up in a remote village far away.

Qiyana is part of the Yun Tal, the highest caste in Ixtal
Credit: Riot Games

Recognizing his naturally gifted magical abilities, his grandmother believes he has what it takes to become Yun Tal, that is, a master of elemental magic. If succeeds, he will restore his family honor and be accepted into Ixtal’s ruling caste.

To do so, he has to take a test before a magic loom — yes loom, a device that’s used to weave cloth — called the Vidalion.

If he succeeds, he would “unseat Qiyana as the youngest person ever to join the Yun Tal,” according to Runeterra lore.

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