The Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) 2021 Group Stage concluded last night, yet the competition is only just starting to heat up.

With teams like the LEC’s MAD Lions and the LCK’s DWG KIA already qualified for the next stage, fans are eager to see them go up against each other.

MAD Lions Armut vs DWG KIA Khan

Out of all the Rumble Stage top laners at the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational, MAD Lions Armut has his eyes already fixated on DWG KIA Khan.

“I was watching his VODs to learn some matchups from him and it would be nice to play against him this time,” said MAD Lions’ top laner İrfan “Armut” Berk Tükek.

League of Legends, MAD Lions Armut, MSI 2021
Credit: Riot Games

Both top laners have been killing it in their respective groups at MSI 2021. Just take a look at this 1v1 play by MAD Lions Armut’s Lee Sin against Leonardo “Robo” Souza’s Camille!

In one swift movement, Armut flash towards Robo, and immediately cast Tempest to finish paiN Gaming’s top laner during Day 3 of the MSI 2021 Group Stage.

We also saw Kim “Khan” Dong-ha pop off on Day 1 of the MSI Group Stage on Gnar. He pulled a two-man stun against LCS team, Cloud9. The clash ended with three kills, and helped his team earn their first victory at this year’s MSI.

Between MAD Lions Armut and DWG KIA Khan, who will eventually breakout at MSI 2021? It seems Armut’s still has more to show as the stakes are higher.

“I like to play in high-risk places because it gives me more adrenaline,” explained Armut. “When there is more adrenaline, I’m just far from better. This is what I think about myself, and this is what I like, actually.”

MSI 2021’s Rumble Stage will commence on May 14, Friday at 9:00 p.m. GMT+8. You can view the full MSI 2021 schedule here.

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