Designed by French fashion designer and Louis Vuitton creative director Nicolas Ghesquière, in collaboration with LoL developer Riot Games, Louis Vuitton latest League of Legends (LoL) collection, features over 40 different items for fashionable fans of the game to choose from.

The collection includes 47 different items — which range from clothes, shoes, bags, among others — with 13 different outfit combinations for a specific “look.” You can check out the collection here.

Prepare to pay a hefty sum if you wanna rock these outfits though, as the prices range from US$670 for a t-shirt to US$2,420 for a hoodie and even a whopping US$5,650 for a leather biker jacket.

The collection is the latest collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Riot, with the pair having started a partnership in time for this year’s LoL World Championship which ended last month.

The luxury fashion brand notably designed and produced the trophy case and custom watches for this year’s world champions, FunPlus Phoenix. In addition, Riot also released Prestige Edition skins for LoL champions Qiyana and Senna that were designed by Ghesquière.

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