Riot has a cat-astrophe on its hands.

YouTuber Nasteey, who’s a member of the League Partner Program (LPP), accidentally uploaded a video guide of the new feline champion Yuumi a little too early.

As part of Riot’s LPP program, he was able to see the unreleased champion in action and even had the opportunity to record some gameplay for her.

This isn’t the first time the LPP has leaked upcoming content. Last year, the Akali rework was revealed by community member Professor Akali and Riot instead used the leak to officially announce the rework. Hopefully, Riot will be as forgiving with Nasteey’s honest mistake.

Along with the leak, enamored Redditors at the r/yuumimains subreddit have already managed to reveal her five skills, though these could change when Yuumi gets released.

The adorable spell caster’s passive skill charges up into a slowing auto attack while her Q is a basic magic missile that doesn’t pierce minions, but it has a chance of doing extra damage and slowing its target if it’s airborne for a full second.

Yuumi gliding on her spellbook
Credit: nintendo625

Her W is quite interesting. It’s a sort of “pounce” skill that is essential for support plays. With W, Yuumi attaches herself to a teammate and becomes untargetable, much like Lulu’s fae spirit Pix. In this mode, she can only cast spells. The W can also be activated once more to dash out of the connection or pounce to another champion, while remaining untargetable.

Her E is a basic two-charge healing spell that also works on any champions you are connected to.

Her ultimate is an area-of-effect damage skill that releases seven waves. If any opponent gets hit with at least three waves, they will be rooted for a short duration. What’s interesting about this skill is that you can still cast other abilities while it releases the seven waves, possibly turning around an unexpected team clash.