Group B featured an eclectic mix of teams, headlined by LPL Summer champions, Funplus Phoenix. Joining them were LMS Summer champions, J Team, VCS Summer champions, GAM Esports, and LEC Summer 5/6th place team, Splyce.

Despite having to go through the play-ins knockout tournament and only barely qualifying for the Group Stage, Splyce was the surprise of the group, tieing 1-1 with both Funplus Phoenix and J Team, and winning 2-0 over GAM Esports to finish with a 4-2 record.

Funplus Phoenix also split their series against J Team, and defeated GAM Esports 2-0 to also end with a 4-2 record.

Surprisingly, J Team ended up tieing against GAM Esports, and were eliminated with a 3-3 final record.

A final tiebreaker between Funplus Phoenix and Splyce determined the overall winner of the group, with the Chinese team narrowly taking the tightly-contested game.

Check the video above for our quick highlights and recap of the best moments.

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