Besides the release of K/DA’s All Out skins and new mage champion Seraphine, patch 10.22 also buffs League of Legends‘ two resident fire mages Annie and Brand.

This is the last patch before the preseason, and these quality of life changes will be appreciated, as there are more buffs than nerfs in this update.

Here are the biggest winners and losers of patch 10.22:

Winner: Annie

Credit: Riot Games

E – Molten Shield

  • (New) Shield changed from granting Annie 13/17/21/25/29% damage reduction for 3 seconds to granting any target ally champion a 40/90/140/190/240 (+0.4 ability power) shield for 3 seconds (bonus movement speed buff is applied to the shielded target)
  • Cost increased from 20 to 40 mana
  • Range increased from 400 to 800 (self or ally targeted)
  • (New) Protecc Tibbers: Tibbers always gains the benefits of the shield, regardless of target

From where we’re standing, support Annie looks a lot more viable now. The point of playing her bot lane is to pressure and burst the enemy AD carry (Hi, Vayne). She can still do that while granting her own AD carry more utility with a shield, increased movement speed, and damage reduction.

This new mechanic is beneficial for Annie overall, and gives her more options in team fights no matter which role she’s played in.

Winner: Brand

Credit: Riot Games

Passive – Blaze

  • Marked Explosion Damage adjusted from 12-16% (+0.015 per 100 ability power) to 10-14% (+0.02 per 100 ability power)

E – Conflagration

  • (New) Blaze Spread: Changed from spreads to nearby units when cast on a blazed target to now always spreads to nearby enemies
  • (Updated) Blaze Spread radius: When cast on a blazed target, increased spread to units from within 375 range to within 600 range. When cast on a normal target, spreads to units within 300 range.
  • (New) Blaze Spread radius indicator: Now displays a brief indicator for the spread range

R – Pyroclasm

  • (New) Fireball bounce: Pyroclasm can now bounce back to Brand (bounces off Brand will “stick” to Brand slightly longer to temper 0-distance instant bursts)
  • (Updated) Bounce priority: Enemy champions > Brand > Any valid bounce target

There have been slight buffs to Brand since last year. In the previous one in patch 10.12, Riot brought up Brand’s mana restore “in the hopes that it’ll punch up his mid lane status without pushing his power as a support over the line”.

Along this same line of reasoning, it looks like they still want to see Brand back in mid lane, and have packed major buffs to his passive, and two abilities. Basically, Brand’s combo, which is based off his passive, will hurt more. His flames will also spread more reliably within a longer range. Calling an ambulance might not be enough to save you or your allies anymore.

Winner: Nasus

Credit: Riot Games

R – Fury of the Sands

  • Bonus resistances increased from 15/35/55 to 40/55/70
  • (Removed) Bonus resistances per second: Nasus no longer gains 1/2/3 bonus resistances per second

The bonus resistances from his ultimate was buffed significantly because of a slight change in mechanics. It’ll make the desert prince more tanky up front the moment Fury of the Sands is cast, which is ideal.

Loser: Lulu

Credit: Riot Games

Q – Glitterlance

  • Base damage decreased from 80/125/170/215/260 to 80/115/150/185/220

Taking a significant nerf to Glitterlance, its base damage has decreased by 10 at level two, to a maximum of 40 at higher levels. This only spells bad news for solo lane Lulu in mid and top, as it will most certainly reduce her wave clear capabilities.

In addition to the above, LoL players will be happy to know that Samira received another nerf, but only a very slight decrease to her base attack damage and armor. She’s still a super strong AD carry especially in solo queue, so we’ll have to see how she fares after the preseason items kicks in.

Visit the official League of Legends site for the full patch 10.22 notes.

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