The League of Champions Korea has announced its return on March 25.

The LCK will be the final major league alongside North America’s LCS, China’s LPL, and Europe’s LEC to resume its schedule via online matches and remote broadcasting.

To deal with the one-week break, the LCK will have three matches per day for the next two weeks, giving fans plenty of top tier League action.

The Korea e-Sports Association (KeSPA) also reminded teams that there will be no more break times between matches and that some teams may have to play twice in a match day. Although it may be a burden for the Korean teams, the schedule will return to two matches a day from the season’s third week to its last day, April 16.

With only a month to go, the LCK Spring Season 2020 will determine the qualifying teams for the LCK Spring Playoffs. KeSPA will likely announce the Playoffs schedules at the end of the season.

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