It pays to have good friends, this is especially true for KT Rolster‘s midlaner, Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong.

Bdd, currently in his 7th year of his career, has consistently been one of the LCK’s top mid laners. He has clinched two LCK titles during the Summer 2017 and Spring 2018. On both occasions, he was also crowned the regular season MVP.

In 2023, Bdd showcased a return to form during the regular season, especially in Summer when KT secured the top spot, outclassing giants like Gen.G and T1.

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However, they also faced setbacks in the playoffs, and finished third in both splits. Entering as the LCK’s third seed, they narrowly avoided elimination in the knockout stages, enduring two losses in the Swiss format, but ultimately triumphed over Dplus KIA.

In an exclusive interview with ONE Esports, Bdd shared his story of his early days, his growing passion for gaming, and the pivotal role a former Worlds champion played in propelling his esports journey in League of Legends.

Bdd traces the origins of his esports journey back to his childhood

League of Legends KT Rolster Bdd 2023 Worlds promo shoot
Credit: Riot Games

“I always loved playing video games when I was young, and I noticed that my friends were playing a game called League of Legends,” said Bdd. Initially, he didn’t quite grasp the appeal of the game, but decided to give it a shot because of the enthusiasm among his friends.

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Even though he started later than them, Bdd quickly surpassed his friends in terms of skill. “I started seeing my rank go up and also started to see pro players in my rank games,” he recalled.

It was during these matches with pros that he began to consider the possibility of a career in esports, realizing he might have a unique talent for the game.

Ghost introduces Bdd to CJ Entertainment

His initiation into the competitive scene came through former Worlds champion, Jang “Ghost” Yong-jun, a close acquaintance at the time.

Ghost invited him to participate in a tournament, which happened to be organized by CJ Entertainment. He described this competition as a pivotal moment, for the top-performing teams were given an opportunity to train under CJ.

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He seized this chance, and by the time he was in his third year of middle school, he had embarked on his path towards professional gaming. He would make his debut in 2016 playing for CJ Entus.

Bdd revealed that his family always knew of his passion for games and that they were initially hesitant about his professional aspirations. However, as he began to secure victories in tournaments, their skepticism transformed into full-fledged support.

League of Legends KT Rolster 2023 Worlds promo group photo
Credit: Riot Games

He also highlighted the uncharacteristic stance his parents took, especially in an Asian context, as they never pressurized him to conform to traditional academic or career paths.

In comparison to his peers who were fiercely competing for spots in top universities, Bdd’s journey might seem unconventional. Reflecting on his growth, he remarked, “Initially, I was frustrated, feeling like I wasn’t progressing. But after my LCK debut, I recognized a stark difference in the levels of play and I learned a lot. Through my own efforts, I saw significant growth in myself, and that was one of the happiest moments of my career.”

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