Jak’Sho, The Protean, was intended to be a new Mythic item for tanks. During the preseason, however, it proved too valuable on fighter champions, especially after buffs in League of Legends patch 12.22.

Once equipped, the longer a champion engages in battle, the more stacks of bonus armor and magic resist they gain. On top of that, it did maximum percent health damage to opponents.

For fighters — especially Irelia — this was a dream. All they needed was one offensive item and Jak’Sho to become unstoppable. The item was so overpowered that practically every fighter was building it in ARAM.

In the first update of the year, patch 13.1, Riot Games plans to change all that.

Jak’Sho, The Protean nerfs in League of Legends patch 13.1 means it won’t be the go-to item anymore

League of Legends: Wild Rift, Irelia
Credit: Riot Games
  • Cost increased from 3100 to 3200 gold
  • Voidborne Resilience Stacking reduced from 2 per second (+15% total resists at max stacks) to 2 per second (+20% bonus resists at max stacks)
  • Drain Damage: Reduced from 3% of maximum health to 80 (+7% bonus health)
  • (New) Champions only: Voidborne Resilience’s drain damage will no longer affect minions and monsters

“We don’t think it should dominate all the other Mythic choices [fighters] have, and right now it’s close to doing just that,” the game developers wrote in the patch notes.

“We’re shifting the ratios on Jak’Sho to better incentivize additional defensive purchases and make it a worse one-stop shop for durability in fighter builds.”

The most notable change is that resistance stacking is based on bonus resists and no longer total resists. Drain damage has also been modified, scaling off bonus health instead of maximum health.

Overall, it makes Jak’Sho more effective on tanks that build pure tank items, rather than fighters. A tank with a bonus 1,000 HP, for example, would deal base drain damage of 80 plus another 70, which totals to 150. Fighter items that grant a bonus 400 HP would deal only 108 damage.

Time to fall back on conventional builds, then.

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