As of April 26, Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng has parted ways with Team Liquid and will be rejoining his former org Team SoloMid. TSM made the official announcement with a video featuring the all-star ADC himself.

The announcement video starts with a nostalgic reference to Doublelift’s first move to TSM. Instead of Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg finding the former CLG ADC in a backyard, it is Vincent “Biofrost” Wang who rescues the teamless Doublelift and offers him his second TSM jersey.

In the video, Doublelift shared a more personal side when explaining what went down at Team Liquid.

During the offseason, Doublelift was already in talks with TL co-CEO Steve Arhancet on improving the team’s situation. As the two discussed the plans for the next split, Doublelift found that the issues were “more complicated” than he thought. Thus, Arhancet willingly gave him the option to be traded to a team of his choice, which ended up being TSM.

On joining TSM, he feels invigorated to be able to play with close friends Bjergsen and Biofrost in a competitive environment. Despite coming off his worst split mentally and performance-wise, the returning ADC thanked his fans for fully supporting him through such hardships.

“I’m going to turn everything around, said Doublelift. “I’m literally going to play the best split of my entire life so I just really want to appreciate all of the support that I’ve had.”

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