South Korean esports organization Fredit BRION announced today that Vietnamese League of Legends streamer Ha Tieu Phu has officially joined them as a “global content creator”.

He makes history as the first Vietnamese streamer to sign with a South Korean organization that’s also currently fielding a team in the franchised League Champions Korea (LCK). Holding a 5-8 record, the squad is currently ranked 8th out of 10 teams in the 2021 LCK Summer Split.

Fredit BRION’s official announcement on Ha Tieu Phu

Fredit BRION official announcement about Vietnamese streamer Ha Tieu Phu joining the org
Credit: Fredit BRION

In Fredit BRION’s Twitter post, the organization included a greeting in Vietnamese that translates to “Nice to meet you!”. Fans can expect the partnership to be similar to that between Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp and T1.

The streamer is still expected to continue creating content to serve his audience in his local region, in addition to launching new content under the Fredit BRION banner in the near future.

Known for being the “King of Olaf”, Ha Tieu Phu has more than 630,000 followers on Facebook, is currently managed by Box Studio, and streams on Nimo TV.

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