Despite struggling during the regular season the Kings of Europe looked like their old selves again in the League of Legends European Championship Summer Finals as they swept Fnatic 3-0.

Fans thought Fnatic would take the crown this time around after beating G2 during the semifinals last week, however, G2 looked completely revitalized and quickly put an end to Fnatic’s hopes and dreams.

Bot laner Luka “Perkz” Perković revealed that the team tried a different champion composition for their first draft, inspired by North American team Team SoloMid (TSM).

They tried giving Camille to Martin “Wunder” Hansen, Shen to Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski, and LeBlanc to Rasmus “Caps” Winther. Ultimately, it worked and Perkz even thanked the 2020 LCS Summer Champions for it.

Additionally, Perkz revealed that this victory brought him a huge relief instead of happiness because of all the hardships that G2 went through throughout the Split.

Perkz’s trump card for the 2020 LEC Summer Finals? Utilizing the powers of the frost archer Ashe.

Game 1

Perhaps the longest game in the LEC Summer with 49 minutes on the clock, things were messy for G2 in the first few minutes of Game 1. As mentioned above, it was G2’s first time playing this composition on the professional scene with Shen on jungle.

Wunder’s Camille dealt an astounding 11,414 true damage more than anyone else from both teams.

The damage percentage from Caps’ LeBlanc was also worth mentioning with an impressive 28.4%.

Game 2

The second match could have gone either way, with Fnatic finally stepping up. They had almost everything in control until the late game where they took several team fights which resulted in a loss.

Their misplays however cost them the game, with G2 putting the final nail in the coffin after taking down Tim “Nemesis” Lipovšek’s Corki, and then murdering the rest of the team to take down Fnatic’s Nexus.

Game 3

G2 took Fnatic by storm in Game 3, with Caps’ Syndra and Wunder’s Vladimir dealing 33.1% and 32.4% damage percentage respectively.

While Fnatic decided to go for the Elder Dragon, Caps teleported to a minion to end the game. The rest of G2 prevented Fnatic from recalling to their base ending the series in dramatic fashion.

This is G2’s LEC eighth overall title and sixth in a row. G2 has completely dominated the LEC for the past four years, with 2018 being the only year where they failed to capture both the Spring and Summer titles (Fnatic won both that year).

For his stellar play, Caps was awarded the Summer Split MVP.

G2 will now enter Worlds as the LEC’s top seed. Fnatic will be the second seed, while Rogue takes the last spot as the third seed.

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