Konstantinos-Napoleon “Forg1ven” Tzortziou has stepped down from League of Legends European Championship (LEC) team Schalke 04 (S04)’s starting roster. Replacing him is Bulgarian ADC Nihat “Innaxe” Aliev.

The Greek AD carry announced his decision in a strongly worded tweet.

S04 is currently tied at the bottom of the LEC Spring Split 2020 Week 3 rankings with Team Vitality with a 0-6 standing.

At the opposite end are G2 Esports, still boasting a flawless record.

While Innaxe will take Forg1ven’s place beginning in Week 4 of the LEC Spring Split 2020, S04 have revealed that they are “still counting on” the latter for this year’s Splits.

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