Are you a big fan of the professional League of Legends esports scene?

Evil Geniuses just launched a brand new esports statistics platform called “Factor” which will give users a thorough analysis of major LoL esports leagues.

Evil Geniuses launches esports statistics website “Factor”

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Credit: Factor

Introducing Factor, an esports statistics website that analyzes raw data taken from LoL esports matches and tournaments. The hub was developed by esports organization Evil Geniuses to provide fans with a deep analysis of the League of Legends professional scene.

The website debuted with one of the biggest MOBAs in the world, League of Legends, and features the major leagues LCS, LEC, and LCK, as well as Brazilian league CBLOL.

“Factor was originally created to be used by EG competitive teams only,” said Evil Geniuses Chief Innovation Officer Chris DeAppolonio. “By releasing it to the community, our hope is that Factor sparks further analytical discovery of what defines top talent across competitive League.”

Ultimately, the goal of the website is to give everyone who uses it a deeper understanding of what it takes to be successful in League of Legends.

Factor has everything a LoL esports fan will ever need, from 2D maps to League schedules

The most unique thing about this esports statistics platform is its 2D mini-map feature, which shows time-stamped locations of all the players on the map. Users can tweak the timeline to re-watch a simplified version of the match, zooming in on player actions and team locations on Summoner’s Rift.

The website is also complete with LoL esports schedules, player profiles, and team analytics.

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Credit: Factor

Evil Geniuses currently stands on top of the LCS standings based on the hub’s POWR index. POWR, which stands for Performance Objectively Weighted and Rated, is a core stat developed by the organization which takes into account over 30 different statistical categories.

League of Legends, Factor, LCS, Evil Geniuses
Credit: Factor

Since these categories might be overwhelming for fans, the developers have broken down some of the acronyms and words that they use in a handy esports glossary.

Visit the the ultimate esports statistics website here.

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