With Worlds 2020 just a few weeks away, TSM has released a video of its own players predictions for the international tournament.

The LCS team recently won the 2020 LCS Summer Finals, crowning themselves champions once again and booking their ticket as the region’s top seed.

Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg and Vincent “Biofrost” Wang return to Worlds after two years away with former teammate and frequent Worlds attendee Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng now back in the line-up. As for its younger players, Sergen “Broken Blade’ Celik and Mingyi “Spica” Lu will be experiencing Worlds for the first time.

Happening in Shanghai, China, Worlds 2020 will also feature an offline stage set-up, bringing more intensity to teams after their virtual seasons in their respective regions.

“We’re at least playing on a stage and in-person which will just give a different feeling than playing LCS here at the facility,” stated Bjergsen. “I think being able to see your opponents even though there’s no crowd might make some teams play better or worse and we have a lot of experience so I think we’ll be one of the teams who’ll play better.”

In terms of regional power rankings, the Worlds veterans know that LPL teams will be the biggest challenge with the LCK and LEC teams close behind. When asked about which region is a dark horse, the squad is well aware of the reputation that the NA region has with Worlds.

“I think every other region has high expectations except for NA,” stated Biofrost. Doublelift further clarified that “everyone [in the League community] has given up on the idea of an NA team winning Worlds except for us.”

BB chimed in another dark horse region with Turkey. Being a Turkish player himself, he’s had opportunities to join their league and, knowing some of the talents there personally, he hopes that they get to represent the country well with a solid Worlds run.

While the veterans might be a bit jaded after their numerous tries at the prestigious Summoner’s Cup, TSM rookie Spica believes that NA’s chances are all about how regions are playing with the meta.

“It really depends on which region had a good read on the meta,” said Spica. “If it favors the scaling side that LEC uses, I feel like FlyQuest and Team Liquid have a good chance. If it favors the LPL’s skirmishing side, they might not make it, but we can make it because we can play both styles.”

Worlds 2020 will start on September 25 in Shanghai, China.

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