One of the most highly anticipated matches on the opening day of the Worlds 2021 Play-In Stage was between LJL representatives DetonatioN FocusMe, led by mid laner Lee “Aria” Ga-eul, and LCS’ third seed Cloud9, led by Luka “Perkz” Perković.

At the Mid-Season Invitational earlier in the year when these two teams clashed on Day 1, DetonatioN FocusMe surprised by defeating the North American squad in just over 30 minutes with a 9,000 gold advantage.

DFM Aria held a perfect 5/0/5 KDA, and dished out 22.6% of the team’s damage. In their second meeting on the last day Groups however, Cloud9 got the better of them, and ended their run at MSI.

ONE Esports spoke with Aria on Day 2 of Worlds 2021 after DetonatioN FocusMe went up 2-1 in Group B’s standings.

DetonatioN FocusMe and Cloud9 were destined to meet again at Worlds 2021 Play-In Stage

In the same group again at Worlds, fans were looking forward to the rematch between these two teams.

Excitingly, within the first five minuets, blood was shed.

Before Perkz’s Sylas teleported back to mid lane, Cloud9 had already set up a trap for Aria. Since the wave was pushing into the red side, with two remaining minions that Aria wanted to clear, Cloud9 used this to their advantage.

Bringing their bot laners to mid, they crowd-controlled and outnumbered the young 20-year-old’s LeBlanc from both sides of the river to claim first blood.

With that, the North American squad took full control of the game, out rotating DFM in every corner of the map. They secured all four dragons, Infernal Soul, and ended with more than a 10,000 gold lead under 30 minutes.

Cloud9 Perkz and DFM Aria exchange words at Worlds 2021

During the post-game broadcast interview, Laure Valée brought up Aria’s words from earlier, “Even though Perkz is a world class player, I’m going to clap him. Do you have any thoughts on that?”

“I’ve been in those shoes as a young cocky kid when I clap somebody else, so I respect the cockiness, the challenge, but my kid has a lot to learn,” Perkz responded without missing a beat.

DFM Aria told ONE Esports that he watched the match and the interview, and is someone who enjoys this kind of banter.

“I really loved it, and so that’s why I’m really hungry for a rematch. If we get a chance to fight again, I hope we can have a photograph together!” said Aria.

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