After competing with Falkol in the Brazilian Challenger Circuit 2020 Spring split, former professional League of Legends player and coach Wong “Chawy” Xing Lei has rejoined Hong Kong Attitude (HKA) for the 2021 Pacific Championship Series (PCS) season.

The announcement was made by HKA’s founder Derek Cheung on his YouTube channel and posted on HKA’s Facebook page, with the caption “The man, Chawy, is back”.

In his first year as coach in 2019, Chawy led HKA from 5th place in the League of Legends Master Series (LMS) in Spring, to 3rd place in Summer, to winning the Worlds qualifier, to making it past Play-ins as the LMS 3rd seed and finally, to the Group Stage at the World Championship.

In Spring 2020, he joined Falkol in the Brazilian Challenger Circuit where they finished fourth in the regular season and playoffs.

The previous HKA roster comprised top laner Chen “3z” Han, jungler Lee “Crash” Dong-woo, mid laner Chen “M1ssion” Hsiao-Hsien, bot laner Wong “Unified” Chun Kit, and support Ling “Kaiwing” Kai Wing. Since then, the players have gone their separate ways.

For the new season, players from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and possibly even South Korea will be recruited as the offseason roster transfers continues.

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