The skies will soon turn red once again as three new Blood Moon skins will be coming to League of Legends soon.

The Katarina, Master Yi, and Tryndamere skins are all currently available for preview on the PBE, and should be launched in patch 10.4.

Each skin features crimson clothing, with their respective weapons now given a mysterious glow.

Blood Moon Katarina and Blood Moon Master Yi both have silver hair and masks, with the former transformed into a cultist priestess, while the latter is identified as a half-human, half-demon member of the cult.

Blood Moon Tryndamere’s hair on the other hand has been changed to a dark purple color.

He is described as a demon that can “slash gaping wounds in the veil between the human and demonic realms,” according to the skin’s description.

All three Blood Moon skins come in different sets of chromas, and will be available for 1350RP each.

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