Team SoloMid’s (TSM) mid-laner Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg wowed everyone with an amazing Azir play at the end of week four of the League of Legends Championship Series Summer Split 2019.

Bjergsen managed to deal 35% of the damage in the longest game of the LCS Summer Split.

It was an even fight for both TSM and Golden Guardians (GGS), until TSM successfully defended their base led by Bjergsen’s Azir.

The game ended with this stealthy move by the TSM mid-laner, going around the GGS bottom lane jungle to stop the team’s planned disengage. GGS Henrik “Froggen” Hansen’s Anivia and GGS Kevin “Haunzter” Yarnell ‘s Aatrox were killed by TSM Bjergsen. This final clash ended in a victory in favor of TSM.

TSM is currently 5-3, tied with Counter Logic Gaming, OpTic Gaming, and Cloud9.

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