With hundreds of skins in League of Legends, if you’re a newer player, you might not know which ones you should buy first.

While some people might just buy skins for their favorite characters, it’s always good to have a few different options.

All of the following skins provide great bang for your buck with gorgeous visuals for a relatively affordable price. They’re so good, there’s no reason not to own them!

5. Frosted Ezreal

Ever imagined how the prodigal explorer would look like in a Disney setting? This Frosted Ezreal skin might just be the answer to your musings! Frosted Ezreal very much reminds us of Rise of the Guardians’ Jack Frost, with both characters sporting white hair and blue clothing.

Frosted Ezreal’s in-game model and gorgeous splash art make up for the skin’s lacking icy particle effects. At just 520 RP, you would see how Ezreal would look like if he suddenly decided to pay a visit to the frozen tundras of the Freljord.

4. Sorceress Lux

Before achieving her final form as an elementalist, Lux was a simple Demacian mage. Her humble beginnings can be traced in this Sorceress skin, which features Lux in a blue uniform, subtly showing off some of her skin. In her splash art, she rides her wand with the moon behind her, giving us major teenage witch vibes.

This skin might look very modest but for a low price of 520 RP, it’s definitely a must for Lux fans.

3. Pug’Maw

Dog lovers are in for a treat with this adorable Pug’Maw skin! Traces of Kog’Maw’s vileness are nowhere to be seen as he now takes the form of an adorable pug. Pug’Maw plays with his own fetch ball (an old and chewed up tennis ball) and spits and spills saliva all over enemies.

This skin would have been perfect if Riot Games replaced his voice lines with actual dog barks. Then again, wouldn’t that make Pug’Maw too irresistible to kill?

Pug’Maw is a part of the Out of the Toy Box skin line which reimagines other champions like Renekton as a toy and Kennen as a superhero. It is priced at 975 RP.

2. Armor of the Fifth Age Taric

We strongly believe pink is Taric’s color, and he totally owns the shade in this Armor of the Fifth Age skin. Portrayed as a gallant paladin, Taric comes in a fabulous pink and purple outfit with big chunks of bright pink crystals surrounding him.

Despite the feminine color, the skin overall still has a masculine vibe. Could it be because of his bare chest that highlights his ripped abs? Or maybe it’s just his humongous hammer?

If you want to stand out in the Summoner’s Rift, this pink Taric skin is the way to go for only 750 RP.

1. K/DA Ahri

Nobody can really bring the K/DA skin line down, especially with the Korean-based champion, Ahri, involved in the group. The K-pop girl group concept simply fits her, with her nine tails even reimagined for a modern look. Casting Ahri’s abilities lets out a beautiful and sophisticated bokeh effect while her recall animation features the iconic Pop/Stars dance.

K/DA Ahri’s stunning visual effects paired with brand new sound effects totally makes this skin a must-have for every Summoner.

K/DA Ahri is priced at 1,350 RP, making it the most expensive skin on this list, but it’s worth every point. The skin also has its own Prestige Edition that bathes Ahri in a pink and gold color scheme.

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