A new batch of PROJECT skins has landed in Summoner’s Rift, bringing a total of 23 augmented champions to League of Legends.

The concept of the League of Legends PROJECT skins is based on cyberpunk and futuristic ideas — groups of mechanized artificial intelligence and champions dressed in suits powered by advanced technology, all waging war in a sci-fi dystopian city.

All PROJECT skins have common elements, like glowing particle effects, geometrical patterns, and metallic robotic sounds. These are the five most notable and best PROJECT skins that caught our eye:

5. PROJECT: Warwick

League of Legends, Project: Warwick, Project skins
Credit: Riot Games

Arguably Warwick’s best skin to date, PROJECT: Warwick emphasizes the Zaunite’s monstrosity while still being contained within his PROJECT fursuit where you can switch between blue and red color schemes when using Blood Hunt.

Additionally, if you have always been curious about Warwick’s human form, you can look closely at his recall animation to take a peek at his face.

4. PROJECT: Ashe

League of Legends, Project: Ashe, Splash Art, Project skins
Credit: Riot Games

Riot Games sure knows how to make a very satisfying skin by combining Ashe’s straightforward abilities and her cool blue visuals.

The PROJECT: Ashe skin just makes playing League of Legends so much smoother, with its simple yet stunning visual effects paired with crisp sound effects.

Whether it’s harassing an enemy champion using Ranger’s Focus, or scouting the map with her drone named Avarosa, PROJECT: Ashe just naturally rules the bot lane.

3. PROJECT: Pyke

League of Legends, Project: Pyke splash art
Credit: Riot Games

Pyke’s kit is designed to make killing sprees more enjoyable in League of Legends, which is why every time a player gets a Pentakill using his ultimate Death From Below, a unique track plays.

PROJECT: Pyke’s Pentakill sound is the best among the PROJECT skins. It fits the modern look and vibe of PROJECT: Pyke with a brief yet satisfying dubstep track that echoes throughout the Rift.

If you live for bold plays and nifty moves, PROJECT: Pyke is the skin for you.

2. PROJECT: Vayne

Credit: Riot Games

In her PROJECT skin, Vayne is portrayed as a nightrider with her own motorcycle that she summons in her recall animation. She can also drive it around while homeguard effect is active.

We also love PROJECT: Vayne’s purple holographic markers, which later transform into this grand HUD overlay whenever you cast her ultimate ability, Final Hour.

1. Project: Mordekaiser

League of Legends, Project: Mordekaiser, Project skins
Credit: Riot Games

Out of all the 23 PROJECT skins, PROJECT: Mordekaiser stands out from the rest of the pack. His skin lore reveals the story of an artificial intelligence (AI) originally created to become the security of the PROJECT corporation, but later on evolves into the virus we now know as PROJECT: Mordekaiser.

PROJECT: Mordekaiser stands tall and mighty with his silver armor and blood-red mace, ready to take over the city. This skin’s sound effects are so insanely good that PROJECT: Mordekaiser could pass up as a rebellious bot from a Transformers movie based on his voice lines alone.

If you’re still not convinced, wait till PROJECT: Mordekaiser casts his ultimate ability, Realm of Death, which visually desaturates the target and area of effect, and briefly gives you a glimpse of Riot Games’ cyberpunk city outside its circle.

Is this Mordekaiser’s flashiest skin or what?

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