Robin has finally arrived in Honkai Star Rail. The Halovian singer has the power to starstruck you with her enchanting voice and as a powerful support unit that firmly holds your HSR team together. 

Robin is a 5-star character of the Harmony Path who deals Physical damage and provides attack and crit buffs to other party members. Building the best Robin team is important to getting the most out of her.

Best Robin build in Honkai Star Rail — The Halovian singer is incredible!

Since she can buff up your entire party with her skill, talent, and ultimate abilities, she synergizes well with a team of DPS or follow-up characters. 

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In this guide, we explain the best team compositions for Robin in Honkai Star Rail

Best Robin team compositions in Honkai Star Rail (follow-up team)

Honkai Star Rail Topaz
Screenshot by Shreyansh Katsura/ONE Esports

The best Robin team includes characters who can deal follow-up attacks. It’s the premium Robin team, which consists of the following units:  

  • Dr. Ratio (DPS)
  • Topaz (Sub-DPS)
  • Aventurine (Sustain)
  • Robin (Buffer)
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Topaz can benefit the most from having Robin in the team, just like Robin can benefit the most from having Topaz in the team. 

Since Topaz can deal follow-up attacks (and her every attack is considered a follow-up attack), she gets the most out of the attack boosts from Robin’s skill and ultimate and the crit boost from her talent and bonus trace. In short, Topaz can deal a lot of damage. 

On the other hand, since Topaz can deal more attacks in a single turn, Robin can gain more energy in every turn (thanks to her talent), which can allow her to use her ultimate more often (more on that later) and unleash more attacks in the Concerto state. 

Dr. Ratio works similarly to Topaz, except his skill doesn’t guarantee a follow-up attack. Regardless, he can still deal a ton of damage from his regular and follow-up attacks, thanks to the attack and damage boosts provided by Robin. 

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All Robin materials to unlock exciting 5-star in HSR

Robin can benefit from having Dr. Ratio on the team in similar ways as Topaz. She can gain more energy every turn, which can allow her to use her ultimate more often. 

Robin using her ultimate more often has two benefits for this team. Firstly, she can provide a massive attack boost to all characters. Secondly, she can deal a follow-up attack of her own after every ally’s turn. 

Each of these attacks has a 100% crit rate and 150% crit damage boost, meaning they can deal a ton of damage. Also, since every team member can deal follow-up attacks (more on Aventurine below), Robin can trigger more attacks too. 

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In short, using Robin’s ultimate in a team full of characters who deal follow-up attacks will result in a myriad of free attacks that can cripple any foe. 

Aventurine is the trump card of this team. Not only can he work as a great sustain, providing shields to all party members and keeping them alive, but he can also deal a devastating 7-hit follow-up attack to enemies. 

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Also, as discussed in our Aventurine build guide, he can benefit from Dr. Ratio’s and Topaz’s follow-up attacks, and gain Blind Bet quickly, which in return, would let him deal his 7-hit follow-up attack more frequently. 

Robin, on the other hand, can benefit from having an extra shield. Moreover, Aventurine’s follow-up attack can contribute to her energy. 

Best Robin DoT team in Honkai Star Rail 

Honkai Star Rail Black Swan
Screenshot by Shreyansh Katsura/ONE Esports

Thanks to Robin’s attack and damage buffs, a DoT-focused team could work exceptionally well with the following characters: 

  • Kafka (DoT DPS)
  • Black Swan (DoT DPS)
  • HuoHuo (Healer/Sustain)
  • Robin (Buffer)

Robin’s DoT team doesn’t have complex synergies as the follow-up attack team. Instead, it’s just about using Robin’s buffs to deal immense DoT damage while HuoHuo provides support by healing and regenerating the team’s energy. 

Huohuo is the most important member of this Robin DoT team mainly because her ultimate can increase the party’s energy regeneration rate, which, in the case of Robin, means getting to use her ultimate more frequently to boost all allies’ attacks and deal devastating follow-up attacks. 

Furthermore, Huohuo’s ultimate can boost other party members’ attacks for two turns, which can stack up with the attack boost provided by Robin. 

Kafka is also a key member of this team as she can deal tremendous DoT damage and trigger follow-up attacks frequently, thanks to her talent. The latter should allow Robin to gain more energy per turn. 

Black Swan and Kafka complement each other’s attacks perfectly, with Kafka able to boost DoT damage received by enemies from all sources. Both characters can benefit from Robin’s attack and damage boosts, further increasing the amount of DOT damage they deal to enemies. 

Best free to play Robin team in Honkai Star Rail 

Honkai Star Rail Herta
Screenshot by Shreyansh Katsura/ONE Esports

You can build a fairly strong Robin team in Honkai Star Rail even when you’re on a tight budget with these free-to-play characters: 

  • Herta (Follow-up DPS)
  • Asta (Sub-DPS)
  • Natasha (Healer)
  • Robin (Buffer) (Obviously not free)

Herta can deal a decent amount of damage with her skill and the attack boost provided by Robin. She can also deal follow-up attacks, though the condition to trigger it is very limiting. Nonetheless, whenever that happens, Robin will gain more energy. 

Asta can also deal decent AOE damage to enemies, even more so with Robin’s buffs. Most importantly, she can boost the entire party’s speed, which would allow them to use their abilities more frequently. 

Dr. Ratio is a better option than Asta, granted you managed to snag him for free. He works the same way as before. His follow-up attacks can allow Robin to use her ultimate more frequently while he can benefit from her various buffs. 

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Credit: ONE Esports, HoYoverse
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You can also use him to trigger Herta’s follow-up attack, which, in reality, is an AOE attack that deals a ton of damage. 

Asta can also trigger Herta’s follow-up attack, but Ratio is a more powerful DPS character, so we recommend using him if you have him. 

If you don’t like Asta, you can also bring Serval, who can deal decent DOT damage and help trigger Herta’s follow-up attack. 

Natasha doesn’t synergize with Robin and other party members per se, but she can heal them whenever necessary. Thankfully, Natasha can regenerate energy at an alarming rate and use her ultimate to heal the entire party at almost every turn, making her an incredible support until in this free-to-play Robin team. 

That sums up our best Robin team in Honkai Star Rail.

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