The next major Hearthstone update will welcome 10 new cards to the Classic set, while two cards will be sent to the Hall of Fame.

The changes reflect Blizzard’s constant efforts to ensure a level playing field among the nine classes that make the popular collectible card game so dynamic and engaging.

The two cards that will be retired are the Rogue spell Vanish and the Priest spell Mind Blast.

Credit: Blizzard

Vanish enables Rogues to clear the board of minions, sending them all back to their owners’ hands. Mind Blast is used by Priests to deal 5 damage for just 2 Mana. Being retired to the Hall of Fame means these spells will only be playable in the Wild format.

In the upcoming game update, the new Plaguebringer will replace Vanish as a way for Rogues to destroy minions.

Meanwhile, Priests will get Radiance to replace Mind Blast. The new card is a healing spell that restores 5 health to the Priest’s hero.

Credit: Blizzard

Eight other new cards will be available through Classic card packs or by crafting with Arcane Dust. Check them out below:

Blizzard has yet to announce a release date for the update, but in the meantime, you can read about the full list of changes in the latest Hearthstone developer insight blog.

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